Spiders Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, is one of the most common phobias around. While not all spider venom is harmful, there are a few, like the black widow, that can send you to the hospital.

Wolf SpidersWSFrontRightBigShadow

Description: While their bites are not harmful, a wolf spider bite can be painful. Wolf spiders are hunters and do not build webs. Female wolf spiders will carry newly hatched baby spiders on its back.


hobo-spider1Hobo Spiders

Description: Colorado and Utah are in the Hobo spider’s range. Hobo spider bites can be painful, but not dangerous. Hobo spiders are a brown spider, that looks like hundreds of other brown spiders.

SpiderBlack Widow Spiders

Description: The red hourglass shape is a good way to identify a black widow. Their venom contains a potent neurotoxin. If you have been bit by a black widow, you should always seek medical attention.

SpiderBrown Recluse Spiders

Description: Bites from a brown recluse will always be painful. In rare cases, skin necrosis has occurred at the bite site. Brown recluse spiders are drawn to wood piles and stacks of cardboard boxes.

SpiderHouse Spiders

Description: While house spiders are not a threat to people, if you have an infestation in your home you will see more webs than you can handle. House spiders create messy tangled webs and if disturbed, they will move to a new site in your home.

SpiderGarden Spiders

Description: This type of spider is known as an orb weaver spider. They create the standard textbook spider webs.Garden spiders are extremely beneficial in your garden. They cannot live indoors.

SpiderJumping Spiders

Description: Jumping spiders are incredible athletes. They will jump attack their prey, and use a line of spider webbing as a tether. Jumping spiders come in all different colors and varieties. Their bites are not dangerous.

SpiderSac Spiders

Description: A bite from a yellow sac spider can be painful, but it is not dangerous. Yellow sac spiders are those banana colored spiders that make the web tunnels where your walls and ceilings meet.

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