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    There are several species of Sac Spiders in the U.S., and for whatever reason they appear to be more inclined to bite people with less provocation. The bite from a Sac Spider is said to produce “instant, intense stinging pain”, followed by swelling, redness, and then itching at the site of the bite. There likely will also be a necrotic lesion formed due to the injection of the cytotoxin venom of these spiders, and it has been suggested that many times, when Violin Spiders have been accused of biting people in areas outside their range, it could be the sac spiders instead that are the true cause.



    The spiders are very common in and around homes, and as hunters are likely to be found wandering throughout the house, where they could end up in clothing or beds. They are common in vineyards and are then easily transported within the bunches of grapes to other areas.