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Our Fundamental Purpose at Elevate is to Serve, Build, and Create

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Family Owned & Operated Since 2008


Elevate is your premier pest and lawn service provider in Utah, Idaho and Colorado. The business was first opened on the east coast as Pointe Pest Control, and still operates as such today. Both locations are under the same family ownership and operation, and as such share the same principles and values. We strive for the absolute best customer care in the industry. We are committed to providing you with the service and satisfaction that you can only get from a family-owned company.

  1.  Hard work- we give 100% and we treat each home/business with that attitude. No      cutting corners here.
  2. Trust- we are honest, and follow through with our commitments, what we say we’ll do, we do.
  3. Continual improvement- we continually seek to improve, to be the best.
  4. Customer Care- we treat each customer with respect, you are a person to us, not        a number.

Our Core Principles

Our fundamental Purpose at Elevate is to Serve, to Build, and to Create

Just as we serve you our client and help protect your home or business, we also strive to serve our employees and help them build their lives.  We create opportunities one customer at a time and have an obligation and responsibility to provide THE BEST service to customers and employees alike.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a technique used by green pest control companies. It is a method focused on monitoring, prevention and control of a pest infestation. Utilizing IPM helps Pointe Pest Control to drastically reduce or completely eliminate the need to use pesticides along with minimizing the amount of total products we use by about 90 percent.

Overall, IPM results in less exposure to pest control products and safer, environmentally-friendly techniques.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) works by using several different methods. These methods include: Structural Strategies, Cultural Strategies and Biological Strategies for the control of pest infestations.

Not every company using IPM is actually employing environmentally friendly solutions. There are a lot of companies which use synthetic pesticides under the guise of IPM and you would do well to stay away from them.

There are a lot of reasons why Integrated Pest Management is more effective at pest control. Conventional methods of pest control just focus on spraying the pests without consideration – it is purely done to eliminate the immediate threat. Integrated Pest Management is more organized. The technicians from Elevate Pest Control examine each situation carefully. We make sure to identify the source of infestations in order to treat each issue as quickly and effectively as possible.



GuaranteeOur service is backed by the best guarantee in the business. If we do not provide a service to your level of satisfaction, we will promptly return for free until you are satisfied. If the problem persists, we will refund your last service payment.

Our Commitment

At Elevate Pest Control we have competent highly trained technicians that have treated thousands of homes for various pest problems. We treat our employees right and they in turn are eager to treat our customers right. All of us are committed to problem solving at our customers homes and providing excellent service. We are intent on providing ethical and honest service.

Free Extra Services

Some Pests can prove to be quite stubborn. If this happens to you, simply give us a call. For our customers that subscribe to our seasonal pest service, we will gladly return for free until we resolve your concerns to your satisfaction.



The Natural Choice is Elevate Pest Control. The team at Elevate Pest Control is committed to providing safe and environmentally conscious options to tackle even the toughest pest problems. We practice Integrated Pest Management; or IPM, which often includes non-chemical approaches to Pest Control.

We’re not in the chemical application business, that’s not always how you solve problems. Elevate’s approach is effective – Elevate Pest Control uses inspection, monitoring and proper identification to determine the root cause of pest problems to find a solution.

Everyone can benefit from a green approach. Residential customers and commercial facilities including green buildings will appreciate an emphasis on long-term solutions that reduce both pest complaints and pesticide use. For example, by carefully inspecting and sealing up gaps and holes in the exterior of structures, pest complaints can be reduced by as much as 65%.

A strong focus on training also sets Elevate Pest Control apart from our competition. At our branches we hold trainings weekly that include sessions on pest biology, safe treatment methods, & the latest non-chemical approaches to solving pest problems.

Options for Green Pest Control include:

  • Integrated Pest Management (covers exclusion, sanitation, & safe chemical treatments)
  • Strictly Organic (includes treatment plans that have a non-chemical approach using strictly natural products). These products come from 100% natural ingredients that have been tested and determined effective in repelling and controlling pests.

For more information on some of the safe, effective, & natural solutions we provide for your home or business click here.

Why Elevate Pest Control?

At Elevate Pest Control, we provide the peace of mind that your home and family are protected from unwanted pests. We are committed to providing you with the best pest control and customer service you can find. Live pest-free with Elevate Pest Control!

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Common Pests


Chances are, you have had a run in with an ant infestation. Because their colonies can contain anywhere from several thousand to a million individual ants, they will always be a pesky insect problem.


With their eight legs, multiple eyes, and poison fangs, it is easy to see why so many people are terrified of spiders. Our technicians will get them out of your home so you can rest easy.

Stinging Pests

All you need to do to attract most stinging pests is go outside with your favorite drink, meat, or picnic items. If you get too close to their nest, you will quickly understand why stinging pests are a problem.


Not only are rodents extremely destructive, they can also transmit a large number of terrible diseases, viruses and parasites. Eliminating a rodent infestation will help you protect your home and your health.


Mosquitoes are best known for their annoying habit of feeding on blood to help in egg production. No matter what stage in their life cycle, mosquitoes tend to be located in standing water.

Other Pests

Termites love to eat wood. When it comes to quiet destruction, termites are the miniature kings of devastation. Each year, termite infestations cost your fellow Americans around 40 billion dollars in repairs.

Louise CollingsLouise Collings
15:09 22 Apr 24
Michael ArambelMichael Arambel
16:16 21 Apr 24
Bugs be gone !!
Kirk OchoaKirk Ochoa
00:10 20 Apr 24
My house is serviced quarterly and they are professional and efficient
Dave BosgieterDave Bosgieter
00:04 20 Apr 24
The job was complete in a timely manner.What a great job.
Hollie BoehmeHollie Boehme
19:22 19 Apr 24
Ellen Norris YatesEllen Norris Yates
19:28 17 Apr 24
I have been with Elevate Pest Control for over 5 years. They do an excellent job. David did as I asked him to do today. He was very professional and courteous.
Sherri BlankSherri Blank
00:30 09 Apr 24
A very nice young lady (who called first) arrived in a timely manner and explained the finances, and the process. She was very knowledgeable, very polite, very personable. She was done quick and efficiently. I wish Emma could come every time!
Marcy FeltMarcy Felt
22:02 17 Mar 24
So thankful for the help we received from Elevate to help us battle our Voles! Paul, who I called into originally took the time to let me know how Elevate could help and scheduled us in the same week. Mike came out and explained what he was doing and how effective and safe it was. This is the second time I’ve called Elevate, once for the business I work for and now for my home. They are very professional, quick to respond, and want to make sure that they take care of your pest problems! Thanks Elevate!
Kristen MerrillKristen Merrill
20:05 11 Mar 24
Mike is the most efficient and professionally helpful employee I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with in awhile. He was thorough, kind, and followed up to make sure the issue was resolved. He came several times and offered to make changes to his schedule to be able to personally follow up. Wow! I can’t say enough good things about the time and care he put into helping me resolve everything. We figured it out and I’m so relieved and pleased with his customer service. I’ll use him in the future for sure!! Elevate, you have a great investment in Mike as an employee. Wonderful experience!
McKenna RasmusonMcKenna Rasmuson
20:14 06 Mar 24
Everyone I have worked with at Elevate has been so great! They have been kind, respectful, and responsive. I have never had to deal with mice before, and having the technicians come out, set traps, and cover entry points with copper mesh has been such a relief. They also gave good advice that has given me more confidence in dealing with this issue day-to-day.Most importantly for me - they were super great about setting traps strategically to keep our four doggies safe from the bait.They really have lifted a weight off my shoulders. Highly recommend.
Dave BoettnerDave Boettner
00:05 22 Jan 24
Well informed about each service. Able to add coverage when needed.
23:30 19 Jan 24
Another great service this week from Elevate Pest Control! So easy for the homeowner. The technician was professional, efficient and friendly. The product is very effective. Plus it is not toxic and wont bother your allergies. We have had great results. We hate creepy crawlies and they are all gone. Liz 01-18-24
Cara BrewerCara Brewer
23:21 19 Jan 24
Missy BakerMissy Baker
21:03 19 Jan 24
Excellent service! The technician is great. Very accommodating and flexible with scheduling.
Alejandro RodriguezAlejandro Rodriguez
04:24 19 Jan 24
I know the employee did a good job
Kristin WalkerKristin Walker
03:43 12 Jan 24
Elevate has taken good care of us and our pest control. It seems we've always lived in open fields in Utah, and mice can be a problem. No more problems! Their technician Kristina W. is a great reflection of how they do business. She was awesome! Highly recommend!

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We’ll give you a call to discuss the best pest application for you: