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Getting a taste of living the history of westward expansion is as easy as going to the American West Heritage Center right here in Wellsville. When you visit, you will feel like you have gone back in time while you experience the history of the western frontier. Just because you want to enjoy American History to its fullest doesn’t mean you should have to share you modern home with a bunch of rodents. If you are dealing with an infestation of the furry kind, you can rely on the experts with Elevate Pest Control to give you the help you need. If your home is suffering from an infestation of mice, rats, squirrels, voles, or gophers, we can help. For rodent control in Wellsville, think Elevate Pest Control.

The History of local Rodent Control

As long as people have had things they care about, they have worked to control pests. The first recorded pest control methods were by the Egyptians who used cats to control mice in grain storage containers. While cats around the world are still contributing to the reduction of mice and other rodents, there are far more effective solutions at controlling rodents nowadays.

Modern Rodent Control

When you call Elevate Pest Control, you are getting the most current and scientifically proven methods for local rodent control. We start by using the principles of Integrated Pest Management or IPM. When using IPM, the first thing we do is identify the pest. Each rodent has specific behaviors and life strategies. When we identify the rodent in question, we can create a targeted treatment approach that will hit the rodents with effective precision. Since we are a local rodent control company, we are familiar with the rodents that are common to our area. Once the rodents have been identified and we have created a treatment plan, we go to work. We use a variety of treatment options that we combine into a comprehensive plan of attack. We provide effective and efficient rodent control in Wellsville.

The Issues with Rodents

Did you know that rodents carry a variety of nasty diseases? They transmit and spread a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Many of the diseases, like Hantavirus, can be deadly. Having rodents in your home can be hazardous to your health. Rodents are also very destructive. They will chew on everything inside of your home. Rats, mice and other rodents reproduce quickly. If you have a few in your home, they will quickly become a massive infestation. Elevate Pest Control has the experience and equipment to eliminate any type of rodent infestation in your home or business. Once we have eliminated the rodents that have invaded your home, we take steps to keep your home pest free. You see, rodents are always looking for away in. If there is a gap around your gas pipes or electrical conduit that is about a nickel in diameter, a mouse can squeeze its furry little body right on through. If you have a gap under your door or a hole in your roof that is the size of a quarter, you might be sharing your home with a rat.

The Solution

When you are ready to get serious about local rodent control, you can rely on the experts with Elevate Pest Control. We have years of experience, we have the tools, the knowhow, the certifications, and the dedication to provide the best rodent control in Wellsville. You deserve a house that is free of rodents, when you want your wishes to become a reality you need to call in Elevate Pest Control.

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