Top 5 Spring Pests That Will Infest Your Home

Spring is a beautiful time of year in the Rockies, with flowers blooming and trees starting to bud. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when many bugs start to emerge from hibernation, looking for food and shelter. Here are some of the top bug infestations to be aware of during spring in Utah and Colorado. Boxelder […]

Box Elder Bugs in Utah

Box elder bugs, also known as Boisea trivittata, are a common pest in Utah that can cause significant problems for homeowners. These bugs are named after the box elder tree, which they rely on for food and shelter. While they are not harmful to humans or pets, they can be a nuisance and cause damage […]

Say Goodbye to Box Elder Bugs This Fall

Box elder bugs are one of the most annoying pests homeowners encounter every fall. You might not notice them so much during the spring and summer because during this time, they are feeding on plants, seeds and trees. They lay their eggs on box elder trees during these months but they also feed on maple […]

Help! Boxelder Bugs Moved Inside During the Winter!

Boxelder bugs are the black and red beetles you usually see sunning themselves on surfaces during the fall. They look like black beetles with red stripes or you might see a variety that is a red beetle with black on its abdomen. Boxelder bugs have a lifespan of about 1 year, yet these insects are […]

Box Elder Control, Utah

Box Elder bugs are primarily a nuisance pest as they do not bite, sting, infest food, or cause property damage. Additionally, Box Elder bugs do not breed indoor. However, excessive numbers can be very intrusive and annoying, and when populations are large, their excrement can stain surfaces such as walls, furniture, and drapes. They can […]