Say Goodbye to Box Elder Bugs This Fall

Box elder bugs are one of the most annoying pests homeowners encounter every fall. You might not notice them so much during the spring and summer because during this time, they are feeding on plants, seeds and trees. They lay their eggs on box elder trees during these months but they also feed on maple and ash trees as well. They usually do not deliver any noticeable injury to these trees so most people do not notice them. It isn’t until the fall when they start to become a nuisance. During the late summer and fall, box elder bugs leave the trees and plants in search of warm places to sun themselves and these places are often your porch, windows, doors, sills and exterior of your home. Finding your porch and door covered in a thick layer of these insects is beyond aggravating. Figuring out how to get rid of box elder bugs can be tricky though. You can sweep them away as much as possible, but they will just keep coming back. What more can you do?

Let’s learn a little more about box elder bugs

If you don’t know what box elder bugs look like, let us introduce you. Box elder bugs are bright red or black with narrow black or red lines on their backs. They are about ½ an inch long and feed on the juices of box elder trees and other plants. If the box elder bug population is high in your yard, you may notice a lot of nymphs in your garden or on your trees during the spring or summer. When you begin sighting many of these nymphs, this is just an ominous sign of things to come. Late summer and fall, adult box elder bugs like the warmth and will congregate together in groups to stay warm. They particularly enjoy the sunny areas of your home and will sometimes slip into cracks and crevices for protection. While the exterior of your home is nice, the interior of your home is often just as good and if they can get inside to bask in the warmth of your home, they will. Battling box elder bugs inside and out of your house is just enough to drive you crazy. When it comes to getting rid of box elder bugs, there are specific methods that help keep their numbers down.

How to get rid of box elder bugs

Oftentimes, homeowners forget about pest control prevention until it is too late, until they see the actual pest and there are too many of them. The key with box elder bug control however, is to start before they are a problem. It starts with prevention in the early part of the year. The nymphs are not usually annoying or problematic but those nymphs become adults who want the bug the heck out of you. Here are a few things to do to keep the box elder bugs at bay this fall:

  • Start early with their eggs: The females lay eggs on the trees near your home so if you have professional box elder bug control assisting to remove the eggs before they hatch, this is a great way to control their populations.
  • Treat the nymphs: Nymphs are constantly eating so they can prepare for the next phase, adulthood. They will feed off the trees and shrubs around your home and while they don’t do a great deal of damage, controlling the nymph populations in the spring, reduces the number of adults in the fall.
  • Sealing your home: Box elder bugs are pretty flat insects and can squeeze easily into crevices, cracks and openings into your home through your doors, windows and exterior. By sealing these openings, you reduce the chances of having these insects invade your house.
  • Get professional box elder bug control: The best way to reduce the numbers of box elder bugs in your yard and home is to call Elevate Pest Control for treatments. It needs to be done routinely so you can combat all stages of the box elder bug life cycle.

They are coming, it’s time for professional box elder bug control!

While fall is just around the corner, you will start to see more of these annoying pests in or around your house. Don’t delay. If you are wondering how to get rid of box elder bugs, wonder no more. Call Elevate Pest Control to help you get rid of this annoying pest before it becomes an even bigger infestation. We use treatments that are extremely effective against box elder bugs but safe around your yard, children and pets. Our customers are important to us and we are happy to help you achieve a pest free home and yard all year long. Call Elevate Pest Control today.

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