Box Elder Control, Utah

Box Elder bugs are primarily a nuisance pest as they do not bite, sting, infest food, or cause property damage. Additionally, Box Elder bugs do not breed indoor. However, excessive numbers can be very intrusive and annoying, and when populations are large, their excrement can stain surfaces such as walls, furniture, and drapes.

They can sometimes be found in and around houseplants, in search of moisture, but rarely will they cause any damage to the plants.

Habits of the Box Elder Bug

In the Fall Box Elder bugs begin to take shelter in residential homes, schools, and businesses. The Box Elders will gather on the sun-warmed exteriors of buildings; then when the weather cools further, they will squeeze into and through tiny cracks and crevices in the home’s structure, beneath siding, and under eaves. They will stay over winter until the warmth brings them out.

Box Elder bugs feed on the leaves, flowers and seed pods of the trees, they do not cause damage, thus people rarely take much notice of them during these seasons.

Box Elder Control Utah

Have a professional technician from Elevate Pest Control screen or caulk all cracks, crevices, gaps, and openings in your home’s structure. Elevate Pest Control will also spray an insecticide on the exterior walls of the home where the bugs are found and they will use a power sprayer on the trees to kill the nymphs before they grow into adults and move into your home.

Elevate Pest Control knows that pests live and breed in areas that are difficult to see or reach like cracks and crevices and even behind walls. Elevate Pest Control’s trained technicians carry the most complete arsenal of tools at their disposal and are trained to protect your home and eradicate these pests from their hiding places in the most efficient and responsible manner.


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