Help! Boxelder Bugs Moved Inside During the Winter!

Boxelder bugs are the black and red beetles you usually see sunning themselves on surfaces during the fall. They look like black beetles with red stripes or you might see a variety that is a red beetle with black on its abdomen. Boxelder bugs have a lifespan of about 1 year, yet these insects are quite fragile when it comes to the cold, just like most insects are. To preserve their lives, they move to the warmest locations they can find and often this is your home. They congregate together in large numbers on the exterior of buildings, rocks and trees, soaking up as much of the warmth from the sun as they can. As it grows colder, they move into cracks and crevices, piling in together for warmth. They know to preserve their lives and live out that little 1 year lifespan to the fullest, it is imperative that they find shelter and warmth during the winter. Where do they usually turn? Your home.

How boxelder bugs get inside

During the fall, you will see large numbers of these beetles on your house. They do not really damage homes but they look disgusting and they are 100% a nuisance insect. Boxelder bugs are not dangerous, however if they get a chance, their sharp mouthparts can pierce your skin so it’s important to take care because these bites can cause pain and skin irritation. Boxelder bug bites are not common, but what they are known most for is how much they annoy the average homeowner. When the sun is out, they will group together and enjoy the warmth as much as possible. But as it gets colder, they squeeze themselves into the crevices of your home. These insects love to snuggle up together under loose siding or up under your roof. This becomes especially problematic if they find a way, even the tiniest of holes into your home or attic. If they get into your attic, you might not know where they are coming from but you will occasionally see them wander around and the mystery of their origin can be quite frustrating. A professional pest control inspection from Elevate Pest Control will be able to quickly answer the question as to where these insects are hiding.

How to prevent boxelder bugs

When boxelder bugs find a way inside, it can almost drive you mad. They aren’t dangerous or scary but they are gross. Large numbers of them emit a foul odor together and make your home smell distasteful. If that wasn’t bad enough, their feces can leave a light colored stain on upholstered surfaces. One of the best ways to prevent these insects is to regularly clean them off your home. Spraying them off with a hose or even better, filling a wet/dry vac with an inch or two of warm, soapy water and sucking these insects off the surface of areas around your home will suffocate them and hopefully prevent their return. However, the most sure fire way to prevent boxelder bug infestations is to regularly schedule routine pest control inspections. Our methods are natural, yet effective at removing and keeping these insects away.

Fall pest control for boxelder bugs and more

The fall is especially important when it comes to pest control around your home. Elevate Pest Control helps you keep your home sealed tight to the intrusion of any and all pests that would try to get inside. If boxelder bugs have made it inside your house, Elevate Pest Control helps you remove the infestations quickly so you can feel peace and relaxation in your home. It’s very hard to achieve this when insects are crawling all over, staining your curtains and sofas with their bodily fluids. Don’t put up with it any longer and call Elevate Pest Control today!

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