stink bugs

Stink Bugs 101: Who Do You Stink You Are?

If you’ve ever had an interaction with a stink bug, you know that they’re all around unpleasant. These insects are invasive, they can lay up to 100 eggs at a time in your home, and worst of all, they really do stink. While stink bugs are pretty much harmless when living in nature, they have proven themselves to be quite …

Elevate PestStink Bugs 101: Who Do You Stink You Are?
Bug bites

Bug Bites: Is It Worth Getting Pest Control? (The Answer Is Yes)

Are you suffering from unknown bug bites? Are they itchy and red? If so, a bug specialist can help you. In many cases, bug bites are harmless. In some cases, minor bites can cause allergic reactions. Certain insect bites can even spread bacteria and viruses. This article will show you when you should hire an exterminator. Let’s explore. Bugs That Can …

Elevate PestBug Bites: Is It Worth Getting Pest Control? (The Answer Is Yes)
best pest control products

10 Best Pest Control Products

Roaches, rats, bedbugs, mosquitos…these pests are a few of the many that plague homeowners both in Utah and throughout the United States. Bugs, animals, and other creatures can infiltrate your house, carrying disease and destroying property. When an infestation of any kind happens in your home, you should get in touch with a professional exterminator, who will be able to identify the pests …

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pest control methods

5 Easy Pest Control Methods

Did you know that termites can cause more than $5 billion in property damage every year in the US? Most of this damage is done by subterranean termites that eat 24/7 and insurance companies don’t usually cover this type of damage. If you own a house, these facts probably worry you. However, there are many pest control methods you can …

Elevate Pest5 Easy Pest Control Methods
rodent pest control

The Best Rodent Pest Control Company

Many companies promise to get rid of pesky rodents in Logan, but who can you count on to get the job done? Typically, people will try to deal with a pest infestation using a DIY solution. Usually, however, these solutions prove ineffective for severe infestations. Sometimes, a pest infestation gets so bad that you need to call in a pro. …

Elevate PestThe Best Rodent Pest Control Company
local pest control companies

How to Find the Best Local Pest Control Companies

Are you searching for local pest control companies, but feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your options? Don’t panic. Nearly every homeowner has had a run-in with a pest of some sort, and local pest control technicians are waiting to help. Be sure to read through these tips and tricks to learn how to find the best pest control companies near …

Elevate PestHow to Find the Best Local Pest Control Companies
stink bug trap

Can a Homemade Stink Bug Trap Really Help?

Although a single stink bug may only reproduce in the warm season, a female stink bug will lay anywhere from 20 to 150 eggs per reproduction cycle. These bugs can live up to eight months, which means that several of them will live long enough to lay even more eggs next summer. If you have stink bugs in your home, …

Elevate PestCan a Homemade Stink Bug Trap Really Help?
homemade bug trap

7 Homemade Bug Traps That Catch Unwanted Pests

Bugs are gross. They’re creeping, crawling little critters that create nothing but trouble- especially when they end up inside your home. They make everything dirty, smelly, and unsanitary. Sometimes they even eat your home from the inside out (we’re looking at you, termites!). Alas, these sorts of pest problems are all too common. Up to 84% of homeowners in America …

Elevate Pest7 Homemade Bug Traps That Catch Unwanted Pests