Wasp and Bee Control Cache Valley, UT

Bees and wasps are often beneficial to the environment. However, problems arise when they choose to build their nests too close to humans. Notorious for their propensity to sting when disturbed, some species can be quite aggressive. In cases like this, they should be removed. If you find a nest on your property, removing it safely and completely can be …

Andrew IsraelsenWasp and Bee Control Cache Valley, UT

Rodent Control Cache Valley, UT

Rodents have been known to damage buildings, contaminate food and transmit diseases to people. The rodent family includes: rats, mice, gophers, voles, beavers and more. They’re also adaptable, capable of learning by trial and error. As a result, people who need to control them have always struggled to “build a better mouse-trap.” Rodent populations grow quickly and steadily. Rodent control is …

Andrew IsraelsenRodent Control Cache Valley, UT

Spider Control in Cache Valley, UT

Despite the fact that spiders are beneficial to keeping many insects and pests at bay, home spider control may be necessary for a number of reasons. First, it will help you avoid webs from appearing in and around your home. Spider control will also help protect your family from spiders whose bites can be dangerous, such as the black widow and …

Andrew IsraelsenSpider Control in Cache Valley, UT