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Commercial and residential pest control in Hyde Park is important because even as amazing as Hyde Park is, pests still find a way to bother residents in this peaceful community. This quiet town adjacent to the big city of Logan attracts residents due to its more relaxed atmosphere. Being removed from the bustling hubbub of the city does not mean Hyde Park is removed from pest problems too. Pests infest nearly every corner of this planet and this charming city is not immune. Paying attention to the signs of pests infestations will help you stop them in their tracks. As a homeowner, there are many ways you can prevent infestations in between your regular Elevate Pest Control inspections.

Prevention starts with you

Preventing pest infestations is a year round effort. Just a little apathy in this area could result in expensive losses and terrifying health consequences. Pests are destructive and dangerous to your well-being, you simply cannot risk their home and yard pest intrusions. Here are a few things you can do to prevent pests from invading your life:

  • Store food in glass or hard plastic containers.
  • Cover garbage cans with a tight lid and regularly take garbage out of your home.
  • Avoid water from pooling anywhere in or around your home. Fix leaky pipes and faucets immediately if leaks arise.
  • Do not leave pet food out in the open, especially overnight where other pests can get to it.
  • Avoid clutter anywhere in or around your home. Pests nests in cluttered areas as it gives them many places to hide and breed.
  • Carefully check any boxes, packages, flowers or houseplants before they come into your home as they could be harboring a pest or two that can quickly multiply.
  • Remove sources of food, water and shelter from areas pests tend to congregate.
  • Seal your home. Check for cracks and crevices regularly and repair them. If the seals around your doors and windows begin to deteriorate, replace them.

By maintaining constant caution, you won’t be left in a mess of pest mess. Our technicians are happy to show you the most vulnerable areas of your home where pests will try and invade so you can be extra careful.

Fast, friendly Hyde Park pest control

Elevate Pest Control is your expert guide for all your pest control needs. Our technicians are efficient at quick removal of infestations. We know that even one more day of living with a pest infestations is one day too many. We will help you remove pests as fast as possible with the most effective and safe treatments out there. Don’t delay a moment longer, protect your family and call us today.

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