5 Easy Pest Control Methods

Did you know that termites can cause more than $5 billion in property damage every year in the US? Most of this damage is done by subterranean termites that eat 24/7 and insurance companies don’t usually cover this type of damage.

If you own a house, these facts probably worry you. However, there are many pest control methods you can take advantage of to get rid of termites, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other pests. 

Keep reading to learn a few natural pest-controlling methods. These techniques will work to prevent pests from getting in your house and also to remove those that are already there. In worst-case scenarios, you should call the exterminators to prevent massive property damage.

1. Use Peppermint Spray Against Spiders 

It has been discovered that peppermint oil can keep different types of spiders at bay. As you probably already know, household spiders are not dangerous, but they can bite you, create nets, and generally look awful inside a living space.

To eradicate spiders from your property, mix peppermint oil with water and spray the inside and outside of your house. Focus on corners as that’s where most spiders create nets. Homeowners also add a few drops of lemongrass oil and citronella to the mix to make the solution more potent.

2. Use Basil Leaves Against Flies

Flies will not bite you, but they are noisy and they can spread viruses and bacteria. They can also be difficult to remove once they get inside your house. It’s best to simply use Basil leaves to keep them away. Place the Basil leaves in containers next to entry doors and windows. This should keep flies at bay.

3. Various Essential Oils Work Well Against Mosquitoes

Believe it or not, mosquitoes are considered to be some of the most dangerous creatures on Earth. That’s because they can spread a wide variety of viruses and you usually don’t even know when you’re bitten.

Luckily, mosquitoes don’t fare well with essential oils. You can use lemon eucalyptus oil, garlic oil, cinnamon oil, and catnip oil successfully against mosquitoes. Make a mix of these essential oils and spread around the house, preferably close to windows and doorways. Mosquitoes won’t stand a chance.

4. Use Cucumber Against Ants

Most people picture diligent ants carrying food back to their homes as this is their primary job. However, for some reason, ants have a hard time with cucumbers. They are immediately repelled by them. 

If you see ants in your house, place a few cucumber slices in strategic areas in your kitchen or pantry. Place some more slices next to corners, gaps, and other places where you see ants coming from. They will immediately leave and never come back again. If they do come back, use the same trick with fresh cucumber slices and you’re golden.

5. Trim Tree Branches to Prevent Squirrels From Getting in Your House

Squirrels are fluffy and cute creatures that couldn’t cause property damage, right? Well, not exactly. Squirrels are known for travel across house roofs and power lines to get in your house in search of food. They usually chew through everything, including electrical wires. This is when a short-circuit can happen.

Squirrels can even cause major blackouts in your house if they happen to bite on a major electrical wire. What’s to be done? Simply trim the tree branches around your house, so that they don’t get close to your attic. By doing so, the squirrels will live and you don’t have to deal with power outages when you expect the least.

Top Prevention Methods to Try Against Insects, Rodents, and Other Pests

Getting rid of pests could be difficult, but you can minimize your effort and headaches if you prevent them from getting into the house in the first place. Check out these tips and tricks that work on most pests.

Seal Gaps and Cracks in Walls

If there is an entry point, bugs and rodents might take advantage of it. That’s why you should search for and seal any gap or crack you might have in the walls, floors, or house foundation. Even if the gap seems tiny, it can be easily exploited by bugs and small mice to get inside.

Keep a Clean Kitchen

This is common sense advice and very important. Bugs and rodents will not visit you if they don’t find a source of food. That’s why you should always keep a clean kitchen. Don’t leave food leftovers on the counters or sink. Have a garbage bin with a lid that closes easily. Any trash bag should be discarded immediately and not left in the kitchen for days.

Don’ Have Stagnant Water in the House

Mosquitoes are attracted to wet environments. They will immediately visit you if you have puddles in your yard or stagnant water in your house. Make sure that such things don’t exist on your property and mosquitoes might never visit you.

For example, don’t have a sink full of water and dirty dishes in the kitchen. If you spill something on the porch, clean it immediately. If water flows over the gutters on the patio floors, clean it and unclog the gutters for proper water drainage, etc. 

Ensure Proper Ventilation Throughout the House

Not only mosquitoes are attracted to moisture, but rodents, cockroaches, and other pests too. You can prevent moisture from accumulating in your house if you ensure proper ventilation. Be particularly careful with your basement, attic, and garage. 

These places should be properly ventilated year-round. A humid environment doesn’t only attract bugs, but also facilitates the development of mold and mildew.

Now You Know Some of the Best Pest Control Methods Out There!

As you can see, these pest control methods require basic tools and ingredients and they can be put into practice by any homeowner. Dealing with pests is easier if you take action right away and don’t let bugs and rodents begin to feel at home on your property.

However, if there’s already a major pest infestation in your house then contact us today. We have years of experience removing all kinds of pests from residential and commercial properties. We will guarantee a safe pest removal process at an affordable price. 

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