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Tooele, Utah is a city that has seen much growth. In 2000, the population was around 22,000 and by 2016, it had risen to over 33,000. The population is booming, making it the state’s fastest growing county and the 25th fastest growing county in the nation. Removed from the busy city noise, many families are attracted to the family friendly community and sense of security felt. That feeling of security however, is ripped from you when you find you have a pest infestation and it’s even worse if the pests are rodents. When you discover a mouse for the first time, your instant emotion is panic and fear. You panic because you wonder, “Are there more?” The answer to that question is almost always yes. Rodents are sneaky and shy, they hide well and you may not know they are there until there are many of them. The fear you feel comes from the diseases they carry. It is imperative that you call in professional Tooele rodent control before the problem gets worse.

Why traps and DIY rodent control in Tooele is ineffective

Finding rodents in your home propels you into a sense of urgency. It IS an urgency. Rodents spread diseases that can harm your health and the health of your family. It is extremely important to get effective, local rodent control as soon as possible. But in your urgent mindset, you might be tempted to run to the nearest store and buy up anything that kills rodents. Buy all the traps and all the bait and all the poisons! Before you even have an inkling of this thought—STOP. These are bad ideas. Why? We will tell you why.

  • Traps won’t remove the problem alone. Traps might catch a couple rodents but one frustrating thing about rodents is that they learn. They get smart. After awhile, they see those death traps that killed their brothers and they outsmart you.
  • Bait is useless if there is a kitchen full of goodies. Sure, your bait might be tempting but why stop for that little glob of peanut butter when they can get the whole jar? Your kitchen is full of better tasting things they can easily access.
  • Poison can hurt your family. Poison might take care of the mice, but two problems arise from this. Poison is dangerous around children and pets and can cause serious illness even death if they come in contact with it.

For safe rodent control in Tooele, you need the experts at Elevate Pest Control. We use the most advanced methods of removing rodents without any harm to your family or the environment. Do not tackle this nasty business alone, you need the help of an expert.

The dangers of removing infestations yourself

One of the biggest dangers of removing an infestation yourself is the possible risk of being exposed to hantavirus. This disease is in the air around rodent feces, urine and saliva. Cleaning up rodent infestations should be done with protection. Your professional Tooele rodent control team knows exactly how to remove these tough infestations and do so with safety in mind. We take care of rodents and the mess they create so you don’t have to. We have treatments to remove them quickly so you don’t have to stress and worry any longer.

Keeping your home rodent free year round

To keep your home free of rodents all year you need routine inspections and treatments. Rodents have a lifespan of 1-4 years and thus are continually trying to find shelter, food and warmth, all of which your home provides. You need to be prepared and take precautions. The best way to do so is with the friendly team at Elevate Pest Control. Our knowledge of rodents and their habits is extensive and we can answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate to call, we look forward to helping your home to stay 100% rodent free.

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