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     Thief Ants are very tiny ants, workers are never more than 1/16- inch long. Thief ants are yellow to light brown and look much like Pharaoh ants.



    These ants begin swarming as winged reproductive in June; this activity continues until late fall. A colony of a few hundred to several thousand workers can be established by a single fertilized female. Development time (egg to adult) is 50 days to several months.



    Thief ants are often found in very large nests that have tiny tunnels connecting to the nests of larger ants. They habitually steal food and brood from the other ants’ nests; thus their name. When they do nest in structures, they usually are found in wall voids and similar protected locations. Thief ants feed on live and dead insects, seeds, and honeydew. They generally prefer food with high protein content.