Pharaoh Ant

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    Pharaoh Ants are very small: workers are about 1/16 inch long. They range from yellow to light brown. They can be distinguished from the thief ant because they have a three-segmented club at the end of the antenna. The Pharaoh Ant is so small that the whole colony can exist under a wet mop in a broom closet, or in the light switch box on the wall.



    Pharaoh ants do not swarm. Females mate in the nest, and new colonies are formed by budding. This means part of the main colony moves to a new location. There may be hundreds of thousands of ants in a colony. The queens are about twice the size of the workers and are a dark brown color. There are multiple queens in the colony all laying eggs at the same time. A female produces 350 to 400 eggs in her lifetime. The entire life cycle is completed in 38 to 48 days at room temp. Indoors, these ants develop year round.