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Wasps are well known for ruining otherwise enjoyable outdoor shindigs. They set up nests in sheds or on your house and can pose a considerable danger to your family. They are not exactly friendly creatures and they have large stingers that cause considerable pain.

One of the major issues that homeowners have when dealing with wasps is mistaking them for bees. Indeed, to an untrained eye, yellowjackets are bees. However, they aren’t. Technically, they’re considered wasps and, for that reason, they have different instincts, nutritional needs, and must be treated accordingly.

Homeowners who attempt to remove a wasps’ nest themselves may find the task more difficult than they thought it would be. The top-rated wasp control experts at Elevate Pest Control have years of experience dealing with wasps nests. We also have expensive equipment that we use when removing the nest. Our technicians are trained to employ these methods while on ladders. In other words, we understand the risks and take the necessary precautions. We don’t recommend you remove the wasps’ nest yourself unless you really know what you’re doing. If not, give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment today.

All About Wasps

Wasps are insects in the order of hymenoptera and the suborder apocrita. While wasps and bees are different species, they are often mistaken for one another. They are not afraid to build their nests on your home. They particularly like the spaces around your deck and beneath the eaves of your roof. They are very protective of their nests and quite aggressive at defending them. Some wasps are predators, feeding on other insects. Other wasps survive on the nectar of plants.

One major difference between bees and wasps is that they will not leave their stingers behind when they sting you. Bees will and then they’ll die. Wasps don’t, meaning they can sting you over and over again.

Types of Wasps in Utah

There are three main types of wasps in the State of Utah:

  1. Yellowjackets,
  2. Paper wasps, and
  3. Bald-faced hornets.

Of those, the bald-faced hornets are the most aggressive while paper wasps are the least aggressive. All wasps aggressively defend their nests when they identify a threat.

Depending on what type of wasp has set up shop on your property, different extermination techniques must be employed. The nest must be removed. It is not safe to have a wasps’ nest on your property when you have children around.

Wasps Like Homes

Your house provides a number of great places for a wasp to set up a nest. This includes your garage, your deck, the area around your pool, swing sets, sheds and more. There are a number of animals that wasps will have to compete with to set up a nest in a tree. You, however, are the only species that wasps will compete with for your home.

Wasps make their nests out of wood pulp and mud. They can also set up shop underground.

A Word of Caution on DIY Methods

Rugged individualism is a part of American culture. We at Elevate Pest Control do not want to do anything to chip away at American culture, but we do suggest that you hire professionals to deal with a wasps’ nest. We have both the proper equipment and the proper training to deal with wasps. Purchasing all the equipment yourself would cost more than hiring us. However, if the rugged individualist in you wants the satisfaction of taking out the wasps yourself, we do have some suggestions—on what not to do.

  • Don’t attempt to burn the wasps’ nest. Generally, the wasps’ nests that people need eradicated are those made of wood pulp. Wood pulp is highly flammable. Once it catches fire it will burn quick and hot. You can end up doing significant damage to your house by attempting to burn out a wasps’ nest.
  • Don’t use water on the nest. The major problem with using water is that it’s not effective. Not only that, but the wasps will exit the nest and identify you as the source of the water. That is—to put it mildly—bad.
  • Don’t treat it like a piñata. Piñatas are great because candy falls out. Wasps’ nests are not great because wasps fly out. Taking a baseball bat to the wasps’ nest is a not a good method of wasp control.

Call the Wellsville, Utah Wasp Control Experts

The wasp exterminators at Elevate Pest Control are trained to work in small spaces and have the proper safety equipment to manage a nest. Give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment today.

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