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Crazy Spider Facts

You cannot go for very long without seeing a spider. Ass terrifying as they are, they are also quite fascinating. Here at Elevate Pest Control, we have years of experience when dealing with spider infestations. We have all the tools, training, and experience needed to provide effective spider control in Wellsville. While staring at one of these eight-legged intruders you might be filled with questions or you might be running to find the nearest broom. Either way, here are a few crazy facts about spiders.

The Facts

  • Silky Strength: While you might hate the feeling of it getting onto your face while walking a wooded path, you probably never realized how strong it really is. Spider silk is pretty tough stuff. If you took steal and made a cable the same thickness as spider silk and compared the strength of the two, amazing the spider silk would be 5 times stronger than the steal. Scientists have estimated that if they could somehow create a strand the thickness of a pencil, the strand would be strong enough to stop a Boeing 747 jet airplane at top speed.
  • Crazy Venom: Spiders do not chew their food. They use their potent venom to act as digestive enzymes to break down internal organs and transform the innards of prey into a nice soup they can slurp up with their fangs. When a tarantula bites a mouse, the venom goes to work. The insides of the mouse will be slurry in about 2 days. After the tarantula enjoys the mouse soup, all that will be left are bones and fur. Black widow venom is a potent neurotoxin used for quickly disabling its prey. Unfortunately, human nervous systems are susceptible to the venom as well. In fact, black widow venom is 15 times more potent than a rattlesnake.
  • Decisions, decisions: Some Philosophers feel that intelligence is linked to the ability to make decisions. Things that cannot make decisions are not intelligent. That being said, there are jumping spiders that have been shown to be able to make choices. In the laboratory setting, a jumping spider was shown two different mosquitoes. One mosquito was full of blood, while the other was empty. Most often, the jumping spiders chose the blood filled mosquito. This is a good choice because there are a lot more nutrients in a well fed mosquito. This means that according to some philosophies, jumping spiders are intelligent. A smart spider…that is probably the last thing you want to think about.
  • Widespread: Spiders can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. There are more than 38,000 known species of spider and scientists estimate that there around 38,000 species that are yet undiscovered. Speaking of estimations, scientists estimate that there are around 1 million spiders per acre of land. That means that you are within ten feet of a spider all the time.

Wellsville Spider Control

As interesting as these facts might be, you aren’t going to want to share your home with a bunch of spiders. When you want to eradicate spider infestations, you can count on Elevate Pest Control. Spider elimination is what we do best. We have years of local spider control experience. We understand the types of spider that are common to Hyrum area, and we know how to get them out of your home. When you call us, you are putting our years of experience and training to work for you. When you want the best in local spider control, you need the expert technicians from Elevate Pest Control. When you are ready to get the spiders out of your home, give us a call and schedule a free inspection.

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