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Ants are more problematic than most people think. They can do considerable damage to your woodwork and leave pheromone trails for other ants to follow. In addition, they have satellite colonies so eradicating one colony may not be enough.

By the time most of our customers have come to us, they have exhausted all the DIY methods they’ve found on the internet. Ant control is tricky. Queens can lay over 800 eggs a day and live over a decade. To top it off, there are dozens of different kinds of ants out there. Which method will work for the type of ant you’re having an issue with?

The exterminators at Elevate Pest Control service the Wellsville, UT area. We have the experience and persistence necessary to make your home free from ants. If you’re experiencing a full-on invasion, give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment today.

I Tried to Get Rid of the Ants Myself and Failed

It’s common for our customers to come in and say that they tried various DIY methods and could not get rid of the ant problem. One of the biggest issues is identifying the specific type of ant that you have in your home. Common baits that you can buy at the store may work on one type of ant and not on another. To boot, there are over 12,000 types of ants in the world. So you need to identify what kind of ant you have before you start spending money on baits. Otherwise, you’re spending more money than you have to in order to get rid of the ants.

Some species of ants are very difficult to distinguish. For instance, pavement ants are almost indiscernible from odorous house ants. If you crush and smell an odorous house ant though, you will notice a pleasant coconut or pine scent. But most people don’t stop to smell the dead carcass of the ant they just crushed.

Some ants also have different nutritional needs throughout the course of the year. Their needs in the early spring will be different from their needs in the later parts of autumn. In spring they will tend toward protein-rich foods while in early autumn and late summer they will gravitate more toward a sugary or carb-fueled diet.

My Baits were Working, But the Ants Kept Coming Back

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard this one. “My baits were killing the ants but the ants kept coming back” is one of the most common issues that homeowners have using over-the-counter pest control methods.

The problem is this: Baits lure ants into your home. This may seem obvious to you, but consider what this means. Your baits are killing the ants by luring them into your home. This presupposes two things. Firstly, the ants can easily get into your home. Secondly, they have every reason to come into your home. In other words, you’re employing the baits in such a way that they are perpetuating the problem instead of solving it.

In addition, there are different kinds of baits. There are quick-killing ant baits that do exactly what they say they’ll do: Kill ants quickly. The problem is that they may be killing the ants too quickly. You want the ants to return to their colony with the bait so that it takes out the entire colony.

Sometimes, homeowners employ the right kind of bait in the right places, but the baits are depleted before they can take out the entire colony. This leaves enough ants to survive and rebuild the colony. So you’re back to square one.

Pest Control Experts Use More Methods Than Baits

Baits are a large part of what we do, but employing them correctly, using the right ones, and ensuring that they aren’t perpetuating the problem are key elements to using them effectively. In addition, we want to also address how the ants are getting in and why they are attracted to your home when there are so many to choose from.

Pest control isn’t just about extermination. It’s also about prevention.

Talk to a Wellsville, UT Ant Control Specialist

The pest control specialists at Elevate Pest Control can ensure that the job is done properly the first time. In the long run, this will save you and your family money while ensuring that the ants don’t come back. Give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment today. You won’t be sorry.

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