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Smithfield, Utah touts their lovely town as “Utah’s best kept secret” and it is no wonder with some of the most beautiful nature in the nation, a thriving economic life, a great job market and recreational activities just waiting for you to play, anyone would be happy living in Smithfield. It’s a city that has something for everyone. Close enough to Logan for all your great shopping, dining and nightlife activities but far enough away that you don’t have that noisy, city feel, Smithfield is definitely the best of both worlds. But when spiders interrupt your perfect world, it doesn’t matter where you live, any place can feel like misery if you live in a spider infestation. You can never feel relaxed if you know a spider is mere inches from you at any second. No matter your fear level with spiders, no one wants spiders creeping around their children or their beds at night. Spiders are no fun for anyone so it’s time to call in the professional Smithfield spider control to help you out.

How one spider create an infestation in a short time

Winters in Smithfield can be quite bitter but one silver lining is that it seems all your pest problems go away. This is far from the truth, especially when it comes to spiders. Some spider species hide in the day and hunt at night so you may never see them. Many species lay their egg sacs in late summer or fall, but not all spiders die after they lay their egg sac. The lifespan of a spider is, on average, 1-3 years. So that female spider is just hanging out, still in your home during what you feel is a spiderless winter, watching her egg sac. In spring, that egg sac hatches which has hundreds and hundreds of spiderlings inside. Suddenly, 1 spider has turned into many hundreds in your home. Those spiders then build a web, mate and the females lay more egg sacs, which then hatch and you start the process all over again. It’s a vicious, scary and awful cycle, especially if these spiders are the dangerous kinds, like brown recluse spiders or black widows. Infestations of these two spiders are life threatening to all who live or visit your home. You cannot wait even one more second if you suspect an infestation of dangerous spiders. When it comes to dangerous spiders, spider control in Smithfield is a must.

Effective, safe treatments you can trust

Elevate Pest Control uses only the most advanced, eco friendly, non-toxic yet highly effective methods of spider control available. You would never want to replace dangerous spiders with toxic chemicals, that would never put your mind at ease. That is why we only use the best products so we can deliver the safest pest control treatments for our customers. Advances in pest and spider control methods have come a long way and we use many non-chemical treatments as well. Spraying bug control willy nilly is never the answer. Our technicians have highly specialized training and education in all pests, especially spiders. When it comes to spiders specifically, the only way to have a completely spider free home is with thorough, year round treatments and inspections. The spider life cycle is cyclical and effective Smithfield spider control needs attention all year long.

Call Elevate Pest Control today for a free inspection. We love our customers and whether it is for your residential or commercial property needs, our licensed technicians will not stop till your home or business are 100% pest and spider free.

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