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Cache Valley and Smithfield Utah consistently rank on many websites’ Top 100 Cities. Smithfield is definitely starting to get noticed for its many charms and is no longer one of the the best kept secrets in the West. It is growing quickly and is expected to continue over the next 10 years. With the growth expansion in the city, there is another thing that is on the rise and that is rodents. As the land is cultivated, it disrupts the ground, making rodents eager for a warm, sheltered place to stay. Your home is the perfect hideout for them to weather the storms and populate their species. Speedy reproduction is what makes rodents pesky. You can have a couple rodents turn into a hundred rodents in a very short time. It’s time to protect your home and develop an active rodent prevention plan.

The perfect rodent defense

When winter comes and you are trying to avoid illness and viruses, you begin to pound the vitamins, drink tons of water, wash your hands frequently and avoid close contact public areas. You hope that by doing all these things, you can avoid those bugs in your life. Rodent control is very similar. To keep your home free of vermin, you need to be actively working to keep them out. Here are a few tips:

  • Seal your home: Your home is your fortress and in order to keep the enemy out, there can be no points of entrance. Over time as the elements weather your home, it can begin to deteriorate without you realizing it. Cracks, crevices and holes form in your windows, screens, doors, exterior, roof, and foundation. You need to actively inspect the outside of your home for these weak spots where rodents will take advantage. They can squeeze through the tiniest of holes and in desperate times, they can chew any hole bigger to help them inside.
  • Keep it clean: Keeping your home clean involves many things. Outside, make sure your garbage cans are sealed tight so rodents cannot get inside. Clean up debris, leaf and wood piles where rodents can hide during the warmer months. Take care of clutter in your shed or garage. If you have boxes of junk, toss them and in lieu of boxes, instead opt for plastic storage totes with are more rodent proof. Inside, keep the floors swept and vacuumed regularly. Wipe off counters and shelves and stores food in plastic, airtight containers so they can’t get inside. While rodents can infest any home, clean or dirty, it definitely doesn’t help if you home is cluttered or in disrepair.
  • Schedule routine treatments and inspections: Rodents can go unnoticed for long periods of time because sneaking along undetected is what keeps them alive. Rodent control services are exactly what you need to ensure you have a pest free home year round.

Smithfield rodent control is vital, especially during the winter

Smithfield is known for its cold winter months that seem to stretch most of the year long. Rodents become desperate to get inside so they can outlast these frigid months and the way they do this is by sneaking into your home, garage, car or shed. Any place they can get away from the harsh winter conditions means their survival another year. You need effective and guaranteed rodent control services from Elevate Pest Control to keep your home and family safe from this dangerous invader. Rodents damage your home and put your family’s health at risk. Don’t jeopardize their safety, call us today for the best Smithfield rodent control around.

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