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Instead of setting the sprinkler in your front yard for your kids to run through, you can take them to the splash pad at the Alma Leonhardt Park right here in Providence. The nice thing about the splash pad is you won’t be picking bits of grass off of your shivering kids before they can run inside and spread it throughout your home. While kids can be hard on a home, it is even more difficult to live with a spider infestation. Just looking at a spider will allow you to realize why people hate and fear them. Spiders have those long spindly legs, venom tipped fangs, and rows of beady eyes. If your home has an infestation of spiders, you can count on Elevate Pest Control to provide superior spider control in Providence. We want you and your family to be safe from spiders.

Common Spiders to Control in Providence

There are a lot of spiders out there. You can find them weaving classic webs between your rose bushes, or find them living in your home crawling up walls where even a fly swatter won’t reach. While there are a lot of different spiders out there, here are some of the more common types of spider that want to make your home into their home.

Yellow Sac Spider: The yellow sac spider gets its name from first its color. These spiders range in color from yellow, tan, and even a greenish yellow. Yellow sac spider skin is thin and their color will alter depending on what they have eaten. The second part of its name comes from its habit of building little web sleeping bags. The most common place to find these web sacs is along your walls where they meet the ceiling. Most spiders will only bite you when they feel threatened. This is not true for the Yellow Sac Spider. They are one of the few spiders that will bite you for no reason. If they happen to be walking across your leg while you are taking a nap, the chances are high that you will awaken with a spider bite. The pain of a Yellow Sac Spider bites have been compared to bee stings. Not very painful, but irritating none the less.

Black Widows: Black Widow spiders are extremely shy. Their venom costs a lot of energy for them to create, so they only want to use it to capture prey, or protect themselves. Black widows will bite if they feel threatened. Unfortunately, they love to live inside of garages and basements. If a black widow happens to crawl inside of your shoe or and old glove and you put it on, the spider will bite you to protect itself. Our technicians have even found black widows living in children’s toys that have been left outside for a while. Black widows built haphazard webs that look like odd stands of silk going in all directions. Black widow bites are concerning. If you even get bitten, you should seek our medical attention.

Wolf Spiders: These common brown spiders do not build nests. They prefer to ambush or simply run down their prey. Wolf spiders are fast runners, but not the best climbers. They have excellent vision and are able to move with stunning speed. Wolf spiders will bite if they feel threatened. Their bites might hurt, but they are not medically significant.

Providence Spider Control

There are a lot of different spiders out there that are happy to invade your home. The good news is that you don’t have to live with a spider infestation. When you call Elevate Pest Control in Providence, the first things we do is identify the spider. Each spider has its own specific weaknesses. We use a targeted treatment approach that exploits their weaknesses and allows us to provide, effective and efficient spider control. Our technicians have the experience necessary to identify the spider and create a treatment plan that will get them out of your house. If you want to keep your house spider free, we can set up regular treatments. We want to work with you to solve your spider problems. When you need spider control you can count on, think Elevate Pest Control.

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