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When you want to taste the sour, there is nothing better than attending Oktoberkraut for the long held tradition of providence sauerkraut. From hot dog and polish dogs to the famous Turkey Sauerkraut Sandwich, you can celebrate everything sauerkraut. If you have an infestation of rodents in your home, you will quickly be soured to their presence. There are so many things about mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents that can ruin your home. If you need rodent control in Providence, you can count on Elevate Pest Control to take care of the problem. You don’t have to live with rodents. We have the training, experience, and professional knowledge to take care of any rodent problem.

Everything those Rodents can Sour

If you find a rodent in your home and find yourself standing on a chair screaming, don’t worry, it is a natural reaction. There are reasons you should be afraid of rodents. Here are a few of the reasons why.

They Ruin Your Food: Rats and mice get into your food. They have sharp front teeth which they use to gnaw through cardboard and even some plastics. Once they get into your food, they urinate and defecate to mark it as their own. They steal your food and contaminate the rest.

They Ruin Your Home: Rodent teeth continuously grow. In order to keep them super sharp, rodents chew on everything. They will chew up your furniture, walls, and clothing. If rats get into your attic, they will ruin the insulation and can even chew through electrical wires. There have been instances where a chewed wire has caused an attic fire. If you have rats in your attic, the safety of your home is at risk.

They Ruin Your Health: Biologists refer to rodents as vectors. This is because they are vehicles for transporting diseases. Rodents can easily transmit viruses, bacteria, and even parasites. Rats spend time in garbage and sewage, and then they bring it all back to your kitchen. Some of the diseases they transmit can cause food poisoning, while others like Hantavirus are life threatening.

They Ruin Your Yard: Voles make open tunnels through your grass, gophers create piles of dirt, and rats can create vast underground burrows. Their activities can easily transform any beautiful yard into a nightmare.

Rodent Control Right here in Providence

One of the first things you will notice about Elevate Pest Control is that we are a local pest control company. That means we are familiar with the types of rodent that are common here in Providence. That knowledge allows us to create targeted treatment plans. We use a variety of methods that gives us the upper hand when it comes to rodents. With Elevate Pest Control, you won’t feel like a number. We treat you like we want to be treated. We realize that every infestation is unique, so we take the time to understand the rodent infestation and combine the right treatments. Our technicians are problem solvers. We use the most current and scientifically proven rodent control methods in Providence. We want you to have the pest control experience you deserve. When you call us, you are taking the first step toward protecting your home, your family, and your health from pesky rodents. With Elevate Pest Control in Providence on your side you can win the war against rodents. You can say goodbye to the rodents that are souring your home and your lifestyle. When you want effective Rodent Control in Providence, You can count on Elevate Pest Control to deliver.

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