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When you want to see a variety of wildlife from birds to bobcats, you head over to Zootah which is located by Willow Park in Logan. In addition to the mammals, birds, and reptiles, you can experience a petting zoo and specific animal encounters. Seeing critters outside in nature where they belong is a great opportunity; however, you will not experience the same joy if you find critters inside of your home. One of the most common invading critters is the humble ant. Ants are an extremely effective insect. They have spread to every continent except Antarctica and can be found on most islands. Their colony dynamic allows them to survive where other insects cannot. If you want effective ant control in Providence, you can rely on Elevate Pest Control.

The Home Invaders

There is a reason ants are out to invade your home. Inside your home, you have food, shelter, and protection from the elements. While there are many ants that will only invade if they can find food, there are some ants are happy to build their nests inside of your home.

Pavement Ant: These ants are small and black. They love building cone shaped entrances in the cracks of sidewalks, walkways, and driveways. Pavement ants are also referred to as sugar ants because they absolutely love sugar. Their small bodies allow them to fit under your doorways and the cracks around your windows. In order to feed the colony, they need a lot of food. They send out a bunch of scouts. Once a scout ant has discovered a food source, it will leave a scent trail back to the nest. Immediately, a line of ants will begin moving to and from the food source. Pavement ants prefer living outside, and invading your home for any spilled food.

Odorous House Ants: Unlike pavement ants, odorous house ants are happy to live inside of your home. They will gladly make their nests inside of wall voids. They like to be close to food sources, so they are often found in the walls near your kitchen. Odorous house ants get their name because of their unique smell. If you smash an odorous house ant, you will smell something that resembles rotten coconut. If disturbed, an odorous house ant nest can splinter to form more than one colony. For this reason, the entire colony needs to be eradicated the right way the first time.

Carpenter Ants: Most ants are content with stealing your food. This is not so with carpenter ants. When it comes to size, carpenter ants are among the largest ants, and they love to chew through wood. This means that if your get an infestation of carpenter ants, they will begin chewing tunnels and galleries through the wooden wall studs that hold your home upright.  Carpenter ant damage can become bad enough to condemn homes for safety. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, they just burrow through it.

Providence Ant Control

The problem with ants is their determination to keep on coming back. You can run your vacuum until it dies, but the ants will return. Ant colonies have hundreds to millions of mouths to feed, and they are determined to find anything meaty or sugary. If you really want effective ant control in Providence, then you need to call in the professionals with Elevate Pest Control. We understand the different types of ant species that are common to Cache County. We know where they build their nests, and we know how to eliminate them from your home. Simply put, we eradicate ants. When you want to say goodbye to ant infestations, give us a call and schedule a free inspection.

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