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Logan, Utah is known for being one of the coldest spots in Utah. You have St. George at one end of Utah that is blistering hot and then at the other end you have Logan which is the opposite, icy cold. A typical year might see snow starting in October and just when you think spring has come in April, you get snow. It has even been known to snow into May and June! Spiders have to be very clever to reproduce the way they know instinctively. The cold could kill them early or their precious egg sac they so carefully create could be ruined in the cold and winter weather if not hidden in a warm and covered place. That’s where you come in. Your warm, sheltered, cozy house is like a haven amongst the freezing Logan temperatures. Keeping your home tightly sealed year round is of the utmost importance when it comes to preventing spiders from wintering in your home. Logan spider control with the experts at Elevate Pest Control is the best defense against spider infestations.

How spider infestations start

You may be surprised to learn this but spiders can live for a long time. Spiders hatch from their egg sacs in the spring but can live anywhere from 1-3 years on average. Black widows can live 2-3 years, laying an egg sac that contains anywhere from 200 to 900 spiders! Just think, if a female black widow gets into your home, lays that terrifying egg sac that has the unlucky chance of hatching and soon you have a very dangerous problem on your hands. Even if you don’t have a black widow issue, any type of spider infestation is upsetting. If you have small children, you don’t want spiders around them as some types, though maybe not dangerous, can bite and cause nasty wounds.

Why spiders are dangerous

Spiders are not social, they are not like cats that enjoy attention. Spiders hide in the shadows and many are hunters, only coming out at night to find food. If you have “food,” as in small insects all over your home for them to eat, this only keeps the spider’s desire to stay in your home. They get warmth, food and shelter. Scheduling professional Logan pest control not only takes care of other small insects in your home, but it eliminates the food source for spiders, wiping their existence from the dark corners of your home. If you reach into these corners and are met with an angry spider, bites can be very painful, especially from black widow or brown recluse spiders. The symptoms of a dangerous spider bite are as follows:

  • Pain
  • Cramping
  • Sweating
  • Nausea or abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble breathing
  • And more…

As you can see, spider bites are nothing to mess around with. If you see webs or even a visual of large spiders in your home, you need immediate spider control services. You cannot risk the safety of your health and children.

Elevate Pest Control is experienced with spider infestation removal

When you have a spider infestation, you need a thorough Logan spider control company. Even missing a spider or two could start the whole process over again. That is why routine inspections and treatments are imperative to keeping your home spider free during the year. You want treatments through all the stages of a spider’s life cycle but not only that, if spiders get into your home at other times during the year, you want an expert’s trained eye to catch them. Don’t wait a moment longer, call Elevate Pest Control for the best Logan spider control around.


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