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Logan, Utah is a beautiful city in the Cache Valley home to Aggie Ice Cream, Cache Valley Cheese and Bluebird Chocolate, three of the tastiest local treats. The residents appreciate the local culture and part of that culture is attributed to being a friendly college town. Utah State University is a big part of the community and home to almost 25,000 students throughout the year. You know what Logan is also home to? Rodents unfortunately. It is sad but true. You can keep these rodents from making your home their home by keeping your doors and windows sealed tight. Over time, weather stripping deteriorates. Rodents can squeeze through very tiny crevices the size of a nickel. If you have any cracks in your exterior and roof, rodents can get inside. If the hole is not big enough, their jaws are very strong and it doesn’t take much for them to chew that hole wider. Experienced Logan rodent control can spot any entrance points and help you keep rodents out.

Rodents do a lot of damage in a short time

One of the most harmful things about rodents is the amount of damage they can wreak upon a home. They are a pervasive pest that gets into everything. In large quantities, they work together to break into boxes, chew through containers and grow their family. Stealing food and items for their nest and family is their main agenda. Homeowners often notice an absence of socks and clothing as rodents pad their nest to make it softer. They chew paper into shreds or even rip apart the insulation to create a soft bed for their offspring. Rodents do 3 things pretty much all day:

  • Chew. They chew and chew through everything. They can chew through electrical wires, plastic, cardboard and some rats can even chew through metal or concrete. Their teeth are incredibly strong. The damage they can do to your home with just their chewing alone is costly. They can chew through walls, rip apart insulation, get into boxes and bins and create a terrible, financial headache.
  • Urinate and defecate. This sounds gross but it’s true. Rodents urinate every couple minutes and their feces are spread almost as often. This is another way rodents cause damage. Their urine is highly odorous and the smell is difficult to remove if they urinate on textiles and fabric. As they move through your kitchen, they contaminate your food with their excrement, which in itself is dangerous as they carry many hazardous diseases.
  • Eat. Rodents eat and eat and eat. They may be small but they eat about 15-20 meals a day. They are constantly foraging for food and have an insatiable appetite. Hence their desperation to get into your house. Once inside, they go straight for your kitchen since they have a great sense of smell. If they get into your kitchen, nothing is safe.

To protect yourself from the damage of rodents, you need to take extreme care and the best way to do this is with experienced local pest control.

Arm yourself with the best rodent control in Logan

Elevate Pest Control understands rodents and the best ways to safely remove them from your home without putting your family members or pets in jeopardy. We use the safest, eco-friendly, green solutions in all our pest control treatments. Rodent control has come a long way in the last 50 years to where your professional Logan rodent control specialist can safely treat rodent infestations without you worrying about the toxic chemicals being placed. We want you deliver a completely stress free experience and hope you will be satisfied with the speed the rodents are eradicated from your beautiful home. Call Elevate Pest Control today for all your rodent and pest control needs.

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