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Wasps are horrifying insects for a number of reasons. Firstly, they like to set up shop on or near your home. Secondly, they can sting you repeatedly and it hurts rather badly. They ruin outdoor get-togethers and they frighten small children and grown men equally. Nobody likes wasps.

On the other hand, removing a wasps’ nest is much simpler than eradicating other kinds of infestations. It’s simpler if you have the proper training and the proper equipment. Many homeowners take on the task themselves with devastating results. Trips to the emergency room are not uncommon.

The local wasp control specialists at Elevate Pest Control have years of experience removing wasps’ nests from homes, swing sets, sheds, attics, and garages. Our Hyrum wasp control technicians have the proper training and safety gear to remove the nest safely and efficiently. Before you employ “the piñata method”, give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment. We can help.

Common Types of Wasps in Utah

Utah is home to three major types of wasp. Those are:

  1. Yellowjackets,
  2. Paper wasps, and
  3. Bald-faced hornets.

The bald-faced hornets are considered the most aggressive while paper wasps are considered the least aggressive. Regardless of that, all wasps will aggressively defend their homes from those who are trying to destroy it. If they identify you as a threat, they will attack.

What type of extermination strategy is effective will depend on the type of wasp that has set up a nest in your home. It is important to remove the nest quickly. Wasps’ nests are not safe for children and even adults to be around.

All About Wasps

Wasps are insects in the order hymenoptera. Their sub-order is called apocrita. They are related to bees but in many ways, they are quite different. Most homeowners cannot tell the difference between a yellowjacket (which is a wasp) and a bee. Wasps can either survive on plant nectar or they are predators of other insects.

Another key difference between wasps and bees is that wasps are more dangerous than bees. Unlike bees, wasps will not leave their stingers behind. This means that one wasp can sting you multiple times. If you’re facing a swarm, then you’re in trouble. It is not unheard of for victims of wasps to find themselves in the emergency room.

All wasps are incredibly protective of their nests. If they sense any danger to their nests, they will attack. For that reason, we do not recommend attempting to remove a wasps’ nest yourself. Pest control experts are trained to deal with the threats imposed by wasps and can safely and efficiently remove the wasps’ nest while minimizing the risk to our technicians and your family.

Why Wasps Set up Their Nests in Homes

Not all wasps set up their nests in homes, but those that do really like homes for a number of reasons. Garages, decks, and underneath the eaves of your home all provide a great place for a nest.

There are three main ways that wasps built a nest. Those are the typical nests that we are asked to remove made out of mud (called mud daubers) or wood pulp, but wasps can also build nests underground. Each of these will require a different method of removal.

How Not to Remove a Wasps’ Nest

There are a number of DIY methods out there that can kill wasps. The problem is that they don’t supply you with the industrial-grade safety gear that professionals use when removing a nest. Here’s your situation. You are climbing up a ladder with a can of waspicide that you purchased from the store for $10. It tells you can spray the wasps and they’ll die. However, the wasps won’t die without a fight. Those that aren’t killed on contact will fly out of the nest. Now, you’re on a ladder with wasps flying into your face. Not a great situation to be in.

Furthermore, you might think that covering yourself in clothing will protect you from the wasps. It might—if you have the right clothing. A wasp can sting straight through most cloth. That’s why beekeepers employ elaborate suits made of tougher fabric than your average clothing.

So, if you don’t want wasps flying into your face, don’t squirt it with the hose, don’t set it on fire, and don’t try to hit it with a baseball bat. Also, don’t get up on a ladder unless you know what you’re doing.

Seek Wasp Pest Control in Utah Today

The wasp exterminators at Elevate Pest Control have experience safely removing wasps nests from your home. Give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment today.

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