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Arachnology: The Study of Spiders

When you want to see a variety of different birds near Brigham City, the very best place to go is to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. You can pack some binoculars, grab an identification book and then take your car along the numerous trails. You will be able to key out and identify a number of birds and begin a journey into ornithology, or the study of birds. Ornithology is a great thing to do at the Bear River Migratory Refuge, but if you feel like you are learning arachnology because of all the spiders in your home, then it is time to seek out the help of Elevate Pest Control. When it comes to effective local spider control, we have the experience and technical abilities you want in a local spider control company.

Spider Control is what we do

Our technicians are spider experts. We know how they live, we know where they hide, and we know how to get them out of your home. Our focus is local spider control. We understand the different spider types that are common to Brigham City. That local knowledge allows us to create effective treatment plans. Each type of spider has unique properties and specific weaknesses. Our certified spider control technician’s first step in spider control in Brigham City is to identify the spider that has invaded your home. Once the spider invaders have been correctly identified, we put together a comprehensive treatment plan. We use the specific weaknesses of the spiders against them. We combine our treatment options into a targeted treatment approach. No spider can survive when we arrive. When you want effective local spider control, you can count on Elevate Pest Control.

The Spiders of Brigham City

While there are more than 38,000 different types of spider species identified throughout the world, there are a few types that commonly invade homes. Here are a few of the spiders you might see inside of your home.

  • Yellow Sac Spiders: This type of spider is yellowish to tan in color, and builds little web sleeping bags where the walls of your home meet your ceilings. While most spiders will only bite you if they feel threatened, this type of spider will bite you for no reason.
  • Wolf Spider: Wolf spiders are little brown spiders that do not build webs. They are able to run up to two feet per second. They do not build webs. Instead, they use their speed and cunning to run down prey, or sneak up on them. Wolf spiders will carry their young spiderlings on their backs.
  • Black Widows: The venom of a black widow contains a potent neurotoxin. It can disrupt the nerves inside of your body. You should always seek medical attention if you get bit by a black widow. Black widows are inky black and have a red hourglass shape on their abdomen. Black widows are shy and will only bite you if they feel threatened.
  • Jumping Spiders: There are a lot of different colors and types of jumping spiders. They can be black, grey, and a variety of other colors. Jumping spiders have large eyes they use to track potential prey insects. Instead of creating webs, jumping spiders will use their silk as a safety line to protect themselves from falling when they jump and pounce on prey.

Elevate Pest Control

When you want the best in best control, you can count on Elevate Pest Control to give you the type of local spider control you deserve. When you want to say goodbye to spiders we can help. When you want effective and efficient spider control, you need Elevate Pest Control. We arrive at your home ready to work and have the tools and training needed to get any spider infestation out of your home.

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