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Wasps are widely regarded and one of the most terrifying species of insect. They are second only to spiders when it comes to creepy crawlies, but the truth is that most people would rather be confronted with a spider than a wasp all other factors being equal. They’re scary. They fly around with their giant stingers and can sting one person repeatedly over and over. Each year, more than 100 people in the U.S. lose their lives to bee and wasp stings when they underestimate the danger of dealing with wasps.

Most of those who died from wasp stings die because of an allergy. But if a large enough swarm of wasps that can all sting multiple times take aim at someone, it won’t matter if they have an allergy or not.

For a number of reasons, wasps’ nest removal is not a very good DIY project. Here at Elevate Pest Control, we have years of experience safely and efficiently removing wasps nests from your property. All of our technicians are specially trained to deal with the threat of stinging and we employ special equipment to prevent harming ourselves. Give us a call or talk to us online in order to set up an appointment and we will take care of your wasps’ nest for you.

Know Your Enemy

Wasps are a species of insect in the order of hymenoptera and the sub-order of apocrita. Unlike bees, they can feed on either plant nectar or other insects. In fact, one of the wasp’s favorite meals is bees. Ironically, bees and wasps are often mistaken for one another. Yellowjackets look quite similar to bees as they are both black and yellow.

Wasps are attracted to homes for a number of reasons. If not for humans, homes would provide an ideal place to set up shop and conduct the activities that wasps conduct. But like wasps, humans are very protective of their own nests. We don’t want wasps around because they present a threat to us and our family.

Understand, however, that as vigorously as you defend your home, wasps will also defend their nest. They are extremely protective when it comes to their colony and will viciously attack anyone who represents a threat to it.

Types of Wasps in Colorado

There are three main types of wasps in Colorado. Yellowjackets are the most common cause of problems. Around 90% of all “bee” stings are actually yellowjackets. But unlike bees, yellowjackets do not leave their stingers behind. They can sting you over and over again.

Less frequently found, but no less dangerous are bald-faced hornets. Hornets are generally larger than bees and when people think of wasps, it’s hornets they imagine. The bald-faced hornet is the most aggressive species of wasp in Colorado.

The least aggressive species is the paper wasp which will, nonetheless, attack when threatened.

How Not to Remove a Wasps’ Nest

Each year, people find themselves in the emergency room because they attempt to handle a wasps’ nest by themselves. The following methods are not safe ways to remove wasps’ nests:

  • Do not hit it with a stick. Everyone loves piñatas because candy falls out. But if you strike a wasps’ nest, wasps will fly out and attack you. For some reason, people don’t necessarily anticipate this reaction and end up in the emergency room because they thought they could solve their wasp problem with a bat. You’d have better luck asking them nicely to leave.
  • Do not set it on fire. The majority of wasps’ nests that people find on their homes is made of wood pulp. If you set it on fire, it’s going to go up in a heartbeat and damage whatever else it’s attached to.
  • Do not squirt it with a hose. Squirting a nest with water will mildly irritate the wasps. The wasps will fly out of their nest, identify you as the source of the water, and then attack. It’s not a great plan.

Contact Us About Wasp Control in Parker, CO

There are a number of reasons why hiring professionals to come and take care of your wasp problem is the best solution. You can, if you choose, purchase waspicide and go up on a ladder and spray the nest yourself, but the Parker wasp control specialists at Elevate Pest Control are trained to carry out that task safely and have the necessary equipment to do so.

If you’re experiencing a problem with wasps, please feel free to give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment today.

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