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Other Pests There is a reason that certain creatures are called pests. Pests are always out to ruin something. There are a lot of pest species out there, if your home has bugs, we have a solution.
Tickstick Description: There are a few different types of tick species, but they all have something in common. Ticks can transmit diseases if they bite you. The best way to protect yourself against ticks is with the proper eradication techniques.
Bedbugsbed-bug Description: There is nothing fun about having an infestation of bed bugs. While they don’t transmit diseases, the knowledge that an insect will be biting you to drink your blood each night while you sleep is definitely nightmarish.
centipedeCentipedes Description: Centipedes range in color from grey to red. They have special pincer-like appendages that can deliver venom. While their bites are painful, they are not medically significant. Centipedes usually invade homes while looking for prey insects.
MillipedeMillipedes Description: Millipedes usually live outside under rocks or in damp soil. If your home has any damp areas, like under your crawl space, millipedes might decide to move indoors. Millipedes have worm-like bodies with two sets of legs on every segment.
other-earwigEarwigs Description: The most common place to find earwigs is around moisture or in areas that are damp. Despite their unusually specific name, they do not make a habit of crawling into your ears at night.
BugsSilverfish Description: Silverfish are a silvery teardrop shaped insect. An infestation of silverfish can ruin books, linens and silk. They will even eat shampoo and soaps. Silverfish love moist areas and are most often spotted in bathrooms.
cricketHouse Crickets Description: Do you love the sound of crickets chirping? They aren’t so bad when they are outside, but if you have an infestation of house crickets in your home you will find that the sound will drive you insane.
Box Elder BugBox Elder Bugs Description: While boxelder bugs love box elder trees they are happy enough to eat your plum, cherry, peach, ash, maple and apple trees. When it gets cold, they will accumulate in larger numbers on the southern side of your home.
StinkbugStink Bugs Description: Stink bugs have a characteristic pentagon shape. They range in colors from green to mottled brown. They have a piercing mouthpart  known as proboscis. As their name suggests they emit a foul odor when disturbed.
Carpet-BeetleCarpet Beetles Description: When you can see strange lines eaten away in your carpet, you probably have carpet beetles. While the adults are harmless, carpet beetle larva love eating your carpet. They will even eat synthetic fibers if there are grease stains.
American-RoachCockroaches Description: If your home has an infestation of cockroaches, you know that all the hate pointed at these pests is well deserved. Cockroaches spend time around garbage, and then spread the bacteria all around your home.
clovermiteclovermiteClover Mites Description: Clover mites have eight legs and are related to spiders and ticks. They look like tiny red spots that move around. Since they are smaller than a needle head,they can fit through the tiniest cracks.