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Of all the various pests that can be found in or around your home, spiders are among those most feared. In addition to any phobias you or your family members have about these creatures, spider bites are a serious concern and can cause different types of reactions and illnesses.   

At Elevate Pest Control, our team is dedicated to eliminating spiders in and around your home. As top-rated spider control experts, we can quickly identify various types and offer safe, highly effective treatments to eliminate them completely. We help protect you and your loved ones against the dangers of poisonous spider bites while preventing a re-infestation.

Poisonous Spiders In Longmont, CO

Spiders are a common type of pest that can be found in homes and yards throughout Longmont, CO. While the climate and terrain make our area attractive to a variety of different types, Out There Colorado warns that some are more potentially dangerous than others. 

Spider bites, in general, can cause welts, swelling, discomfort, and other types of reactions. However, there are certain types of poisonous spiders in Longmont that can endanger your health. Among the most dangerous spiders in our area include: 

Black Widow Spiders

Black widow spiders are the most dangerous type of spider bite and their venom can prove fatal. While the bite itself hurts no more than a bee sting, it is important to seek medical attention immediately to prevent potentially life-threatening complications. 

These spiders are dark in color, with two red, triangular dots on their underside. They nest in dark, dry locations and can be found outdoors in, sheds, or under your deck. Inside, they can often be found living in crawl spaces, garages, and other hidden or undisturbed areas of your home.  

Brown Recluse

Brown recluse spiders are another dangerous type of poisonous pest that can be found in Longmont and other parts of Colorado. They can be identified by their color and the dark violin-shaped pattern that appears across their backs. Often found in sheds, under decks, and in other wooded areas, they also build nests in cardboard or similar materials. 

These spiders are more likely to be seen at night and will bite if approached or threatened. In addition to being poisonous, their venom contains digestive enzymes that can result in festering sores in victims. If a brown recluse spider bite is suspected, seek medical help right away. 

Yellow Sac Spiders

One of the most aggressive and common types of spider, yellow sac spiders will bite for no reason. They may be found in corners, cabinets, under beds, or in other locations throughout your home. 

While their venom is not as dangerous as other poisonous spider breeds, their bite can cause significant damage. Yellow sac spider bites are very painful and often leave lesions similar to those left by brown recluses. If you experience any symptoms of a bite, see your doctor right away. 

Wolf Spiders

Another common type of spider in Longmont, wolf spiders are known more for the pain of their bite rather than the poison of their venom. Rather than building webs, they tend to be wanderers and can be found in various areas of your home. If you do get bitten, get medical treatment to keep the site from becoming infected. 

The Best Way To Deal With A Spider Problem In Longmont

While most spiders in Colorado are not poisonous, Healthline warns that any spider bite can become infected or cause serious symptoms in people who have certain allergies. If you suspect a problem in your home, it is best to call in our Longmont spider control experts. 

At Elevate Pest Control, we can conduct a thorough inspection of your home and other structures on your property. Treatment elimination methods we rely on are safe, environmentally friendly, and highly effective. Steps you can take to help prevent infestations include: 

  • Switch to bug-resistant floodlights around your home, to avoid attracting spiders in search of prey. 
  • Clean up debris and wood materials that may accumulate in your yard, garage, or shed;
  • Avoid over mulching and use diatomaceous earth to prevent spiders from passing through these areas. 

Contact Our Longmont Spider Control Experts

Spiders can pose significant dangers to you and your loved ones. Rather than risking your health trying to eliminate them, reach out to Elevate Pest Control. We eliminate spiders and prevent reinfestations. To request a free inspection, contact our Longmont spider control experts today. 

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