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Longmont. CO is a great place to live. It has a thriving tech culture and an abundance of options in terms of activities to participate in. In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures, as well as boating, fishing, and other forms of recreation on Union Reservoir. Unfortunately, the combination of forests and waterways makes the area more susceptible to pests. Rodents can be a real issue both for residents and business owners. At Elevate Pest Control, we are your first line of defense in preventing these types of problems. As trusted Longmont rodent control experts, we offer safe, effective ways to eliminate these dangerous nuisances. 

We Protect Property Owners In Longmont, CO Against Rodents

Rodents are a common problem in Longmont. Living in forested areas and burrowing holes in deteriorating logs and dirt near streams, the need for plentiful food often lures them into business districts and residential communities. There, they can pose a significant threat to your family and your guests. In addition to causing property damage, rodents can also transmit a variety of different germs and bacteria. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that rodents help spread more than 35 different types of diseases, which can be transferred through saliva, droppings, and other types of waste. 

At Elevate Pest Control, we treat rodent problems with the seriousness they deserve. Our Longmont pest control experts can take swift action in locating and eliminating the following common types of rodents that are often found in our area: 

  • House mice: These small brown or grey creatures have long tails and are adept at squeezing themselves into tight places. They can get into your home through small holes and gaps in siding or around doors and windows. Once inside, they are high jumpers and can quickly scamper across walls, floors, ceiling, and counter spaces. 
  • Norway rats: Similar in color but larger in size, Norway rats can often be identified by their long tails. As meat-eaters, they can easily burrow their way indoors and will likely make their way to your kitchen, looking for crumbs, scraps, or even pet food on which to feast. 
  • Roof rats: Named for the fact that they are typically found in high spaces, such as in ceiling insulation and attics, roof rats can gain access to your home through doors, windows, and delivered boxes or packages. Requiring a steady water source, roof rats will often chew their way through pipes and irrigation systems.
  • Voles: These are similar in appearance to mice, but they have shorter tails and can typically be found in outdoor areas. The holes they burrow in are similar to those dug by gophers and other creatures. They can quickly ruin houseplants, gardens, newly planted trees, and other types of landscaping on your property. 

How Do I Know If Have A Rodent Problem?

As rodents are typically small and come out mainly at night to feed, they can often go undetected for long periods in homes or businesses. Once they find a place where they are comfortable and have a nearby food source, they are likely to remain there for a period of years or even decades. Rodents breed regularly so what was once a small problem can quickly amount to an infestation over a relatively short period of time. While you may not actually see mice, rats, or other rodents, the nearby City of Boulder advises watching out for the following signs:  

  • Small creatures scampering along fences or electrical lines near your property;
  • Burrows along gardens or under low lying decks;
  • Gnawing marks around doors, windows, or small holes along the exterior of your home;
  • Sounds of scratching or scampering behind walls, in attics, or coming from ceilings;
  • Piles of shredded paper, wood dust, or other debris in corners, cabinets, and crawl spaces;
  • Areas where rodents may have chewed through wiring or insulation.   

With the risk posed by rodents in terms of bites and disease, if you suspect a problem you need to call in professionals. Attempting to lay trips yourself or setting out over the counter baits could expose you to toxic rodent droppings and potentially fatal poisons. 

Contact Us For Rodent Control In Longmont

To deal with suspected rodent problems safely and effectively, call in the professionals at Elevate Pest Control. We rely on products that are environmentally friendly and non-threatening to pets to eliminate rodents and keep them from returning in the future. To request a free inspection, contact our Longmont rodent exterminators today.

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