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Outside the commotion of Denver, Henderson sits as a quiet, tranquil community surrounded by water and beautiful mountain scenery. The sense of history and the rustic appeal of the town attracts residents and numerous businesses. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks is the number of pests that can be found in the area. Rodents, in particular, can be a real nuisance, doing damage to your home or business and the landscaping surrounding your property. At Elevate Pest Control, we provide safe, highly effective solutions to these types of issues. Our Henderson rodent control experts can quickly identify any rodents that may have infested places in and around your home or office, eliminating them completely and keeping them from returning in the future.

Common Rodents Found In Henderson, CO

Area forests, lakes, and streams in Henderson provide a perfect habitat for a variety of rodents to live. While they may make their homes temporarily in isolated locations, the search for food often leads them into residential and business areas. Once in the neighborhood, they can quickly gain access to homes or other buildings through cracks in your siding or foundation, gaps near doors or windows, and through packages or boxes that you have delivered or carried into your home.  Indoors, they not only cause extensive damage, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that they can expose you, your family, and any guests on your property to up to 35 different types of diseases.

Considering the level of damage rodents can cause, it is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent them. At Elevate Pest Control, we offer safe and environmentally friendly pest elimination and prevention services to local residents and businesses, helping to ensure you are protected. As experienced Henderson pest control experts, common types of rodents encountered in our area include: 

  • House mice: While most people react strongly to the sight of a mouse, few people are aware of the potential hazards these creatures pose. They can easily squeeze into the smallest of spaces, can jump great heights, and are notorious for their ability to climb across walls and ceilings. 
  • Norway rats: Significantly larger than mice and with longer tails, Norway rats can pose major health hazards. They are meat-eaters, meaning they will likely be attracted to your kitchen, dining room, or pantry areas, leaving behind waste and increasing the risk of illness. 
  • Roof rats: Sleeker in appearance compared to Norway rats, you will find these creatures in high spaces. As their name implies, they are likely to build nests in your roof, in gaps in your ceiling, and in attic spaces. When feeding, they will likely be drawn to your yard or landscaped areas around your business, chewing through water pipes and irrigation systems.
  • Voles: Colorado State University reports that there are eight different types of voles in our area, making them a common type of pest. Often mistaken for rats or mice, they can often be found burrowing holes throughout your property.  

Signs That You May Have A Rodent Problem

Mice, rats, and other rodents are particularly good at hiding and generally only come out at night in search of food. While you may have a chance to spot them when cleaning attics, behind stoves and refrigerators, or in outdoor areas, subtle signs are more likely to be the only clue of a problem. Be alert for any of the following, which could point to a rodent infestation: 

  • Scratching and scampering sounds along your roof, behind walls, and in tight, dark corners of your home or business;
  • Signs of gnawing around holes in the wall and gaps in outdoor siding or foundations;
  • Burrowed holes in gardens and near landscaped areas around your property;
  • Unexplained electrical shorts or other issues, which could be caused by rodents chewing through your wiring. 

Other signs include holes is storage boxes and shredded papers or other materials in attics and crawl spaces. Rodents frequently use insulation in their nests, so spotting scattered pieces in your bathroom, kitchen, pantry, closets, or other areas is a sure sign that rodents have taken up residence. 

Our Henderson Pest Control Professionals Are Here To Help

Rather than wasting time trying to locate rodents on your own or risking your health with dangerous traps and baits, let Elevate Pest Control help eliminate your rodent problems. We can quickly identify areas rodents are hiding while using fast, safe, and environmentally friendly methods to get rid of them. Call or contact our Henderson rodent control experts online and request a free inspection today.

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