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Most people feel a strong aversion to spiders. Some suffer from arachnophobia, which can cause overwhelming feelings of panic and dread at even the mere thought of a spider in the vicinity. While some of these creatures are in fact quite harmless, others can cause serious adverse health effects. 

If you suspect a spider problem in your home, reach out to Elevate Pest Control. Our Frederick spider control experts can identify the type of spider you are dealing with and whether they are poisonous while safe and effectively eliminating them.

Common Types Of Poisonous Spiders In Frederick, CO

Colorado State University advises that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of various different types of spiders in our area. Some of these, when found in yards or other wooded areas, can be beneficial as they feed on other types of pests. However, spiders in your home always pose a problem. In addition to the fear and discomfort they can cause you and your family members, they can pose significant health risks if you get bitten by a poisonous species. 

There are several common types of dangerous and potentially poisonous spiders in Frederick that can be a concern for homeowners. Common types our pest control experts frequently encounter include: 

Black Widow Spiders

Commonly found in wooded areas or building nests under decks. sheds, or structures around your home, black widow spiders are the most poisonous spiders you are likely to encounter.  They tend to live in dry, dark areas where they can build nests and breed undisturbed. Getting too close to one or threatening their nest can result in a black widow spider bite.

While a black widow spider bite is typically no more painful than getting stung by other stinging insects, the poison they inject can have serious impacts on your health. In severe cases, you could suffer difficulty breathing and dangerous increases in blood pressure. If a black widow bite is suspected, get medical help right away. 

Brown Recluse

Another common and potentially dangerous type of spider found in Frederick is the brown recluse. These may also be found in wooded areas. Brown recluse spiders may also nest in cardboard or similar types of materials, such as those kept in attics, closets, or crawl spaces. 

Brown recluse spider bites can cause pain, fever, and swelling in victims. They can also result in large sores on or near the part of the body where the bite occurred. In addition to causing major discomfort, these can become infected and require medical care. 

Yellow Sac Spiders

Yellow sac spiders are one of the most common types found in homes throughout Frederick. While not as poisonous as the brown recluse or black widow spiders, they tend to be more aggressive and the pain from a bite can be severe. They can also leave victims with sores or lesions that take weeks or even months to clear. 

Wolf Spiders

While their venom is actually not poisonous, wolf spiders have one of the most painful types of bites. These can result in swelling, rashes, itching, fever, and infections. Unlike some other species, wolf spiders do not build nests. In looking for food, they can end up traveling anywhere in or around your home. 

When Problems Are Suspected, Call In Our Frederick Spider Control Experts

Anywhere that is dark, dry, and undisturbed can provide suitable breeding grounds for spiders. While spider webs are one of the common and easy to recognize signs of an infestation, there are plenty of spider species that do not build them. In many cases, the first indication of a spider problem is when one crawls up your arm or scampers across the floor. 

Do not attempt to deal with a spider infestation on your own. The potential for spider bites is too great. The best course of action is to call in our Frederick spider control professionals: 

  • Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in identifying various types of dangerous spiders. 
  • We have the skill and protective equipment needed to find spiders where they often hide. 
  • We use professional-grade pest elimination treatment products that are highly effective yet still safe for you, your children, and your pets. 

We Offer The Best Spider Control In Frederick

At Elevate Pest Control, we are your one-stop-shop for all types of pest elimination services. If you suspect spiders are a problem around your home, contact our Frederick pest control professionals to request a free inspection today.

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