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Nothing ruins your outdoor barbecue faster than wasps descending on your guests. People start running. Some begin screaming. Children are crying. People are running every which way to get away from the problem. Now you’re facing multiple lawsuits from injured guests and you’re not sure your homeowner’s insurance is going to pay for all. What will you do?

Okay, so maybe that situation isn’t exactly likely. But wasps do post a threat to you, your pets, and your family. They pose a threat to your guests as well. Removing a wasp’s nest yourself is not a good idea. In fact, it’s a dangerous one. Each year, people die from doing something crazy like trying to hit a wasp’s nest with a baseball bat. Below, we’ll discuss a more effective and safer solution to dealing with a wasp problem.

Know Your Enemy: All About The Wasp

Wasps are, by and large, one of the most terrifying animals in nature. In the insect kingdom, they are a super predator. They feed on other frightening insects such as bees. They will generally leave humans alone, but they don’t have to if they don’t want you. They can fly up to you, sting you, and fly away without it causing any sort of a problem. Bees, on the other hand, will die after leaving their stinger behind. The same cannot be said of wasps. One wasp can sting you over and over again.

Often confused with bees, yellowjackets have characteristic yellow stripes on their bodies. Yellowjackets are among the most common wasps you’ll find. Unlike bees, they can sting you multiple times without dying. They are more aggressive than bees. While they don’t make a habit of attacking for the sake of it, it doesn’t take much to convince a wasp that you’re a threat. In some cases, it can be as simple as barbecuing under their nest. The smoke irritates the hive. Suddenly, you’re fleeing for your life.

Wasps, with some exceptions, generally like to set up their nests in elevated areas. They like the eaves of your home, your shed, and trees in your backyard. In some cases, homeowners attempt to solve this problem on their own. Many of these solutions are downright dangerous.

How Not To Remove A Wasp’s Nest

Among a number of bad ideas is attempting to remove the wasp’s nest yourself without the proper training or equipment. Sure, you can invest in a beekeeper’s suit, get up on the ladder yourself, and attempt to take down the wasp’s nest, but professional wasp control specialists are trained to remove nests safely, work in an elevated place, or work in small cramped areas. Below are a few suggestions on what you should absolutely not do when dealing with a wasp’s nest:

  • Hose it down. The wasps will not appreciate their nest being hosed down. In fact, they will consider any disturbance to their nest a direct threat. They will then identify the threat as a seemingly endless stream of water coming from a large ape-like creature on the ground. They will identify this creature as a threat and attack them.
  • Set it on fire. This is not really a good idea. While you may destroy the wasp’s nest, you may also do significant damage to whatever the wasp’s nest is attached to. It won’t just go up in smoke and leave behind the bare eaves of your home.
  • Hit it with a stick. Hitting the wasp’s nest with a stick is a uniquely bad idea. Not only is it not a pinata, candy is very unlikely to fall out of it. Instead, angry wasps are likely to fall out of it and they will attack the first thing that they see, usually, a guy with a stick.

The Professional Approach To Removing A Wasp’s Nest

Elevate Pest Control provides a safe and effective means of removing a wasp’s nest from a particularly sensitive area of your home or property. In order to accomplish this, our local wasp exterminators purchase expensive products and safety equipment that would otherwise cost a typical homeowner more than it would to employ our services.

Even if it did make sense to purchase all the equipment yourself, our technicians are trained to operate the equipment on ladders and in small spaces. If one of our workers injures themselves during the process, they are entitled to workers’ compensation. You are not.

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