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Ants do much more damage than most homeowners give them credit for. They may be one of the friendly and less assuming species of the insect kingdom, but they can cause considerable damage to your woodwork and they draw other species of insects into your home. When ants find something to feed on, they leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow, leading to more and more ants in your home.

When most folks have an ant problem, the first thing they’ll do is go to the store and buy some ant traps. Sometimes these traps fix the problem and other times, they don’t seem to work at all. When they don’t work, that’s when they call us and ask them to take care of the problem. Then they ask us why the store-bought baits didn’t work.

Why didn’t the baits work? Well, there are thousands of different species of ants in the State of Colorado. Baits might work for some, but not all, of those ants. Additionally, ants have feeding patterns that change throughout the year. Their diets are different in the early spring than they are in late summer or early fall. If you’re having an issue with ants, give the Denver ant control experts at Elevate Pest Control a call and we’ll make sure your ant problem is efficiently solved.

Why Did Your DIY & Store Bought Methods Fail?

It’s not a bad idea to try ant traps before forking money over for an exterminator. If they work, they work, but if they don’t, you haven’t spent too much money to find out that they aren’t right for your situation. There are some common mistakes, however, that homeowners make when deploying their baits.

Foremost, it’s important to understand that baits are lures. They lure ants into your home with the promise of tasty goodness. The ants feed on the baits and then bring the food back to their colony where they feed other ants. The poison, thus, takes out the entire colony. However, if the baits aren’t properly deployed or they run out of ant poison before the problem is solved, they can have the effect of luring more and more ants into your home.

Most homeowners also don’t know what kind of baits they should use in certain situations and where they should be placed. They may find ants are ignoring their baits entirely or the bait kills the ant on contact. In some cases, the baits may appear to be working well for a while, but then they find the ant problem comes back twice as hard.

Homeowners are also not necessarily adept at telling different species of ant apart from one another. The store-bought baits may say on the packaging that they are a broad-spectrum ant killer, but your ants seem not to have read the packaging.

The nutritional needs of ants change throughout the year. Ants spend all winter hibernating so when they wake up in Spring they like proteins to rejuvenate themselves. In late summer, they much prefer their carbs.

There’s a lot to know when you’re dealing with an ant problem.

These Ants Keep Coming Back!

There’s one product out there that’s completely useless. “Quick killing” baits kill ants on contact. But unless you want an endless stream of ants pouring into your home and a growing pile of ant carcasses underneath your sink, there’s no reason why you should purchase this product.

A full ant control solution not only destroys the ants that are coming into your home but prevents them from coming back. Pest control experts don’t just kill ants, we figure out how they’re getting in, deploy a bait solution that makes sense for your situation, and prevent the problem from re-emerging. Too often, homeowners find themselves perpetuating the problem instead of solving it. Maybe there isn’t enough poison to kill the entire colony. Maybe the baits are depleted too quickly. In either case, you’ll find an ebb and flow to your ant problem.

Talk To The Dever Ant Control Specialists At Elevate Pest Control

Elevate Pest Control provides the benefit of dealing with your ant problem safely and efficiently. You won’t have to scratch your head wondering why your baits didn’t work and you won’t have to deal with ant problems reemerging after another colony moves into your backyard and starts the process all over again. Talk to us today about ant control in Denver and we will fully inspect your home to determine how ants are getting in and get rid of the ants that have already gotten in.

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