Don’t Get Stung!: A Complete Guide to Safe Hornet Nest Removal

Have you heard that tell-tale buzzing sound around your home? Maybe you’ve heard it ominously coming from the attic, or you’ve noticed a growing hive on your front porch. You have a hornet problem.  While it’s a good practice to “live and let live,” so to speak, when it comes to creepy crawlies, a hornet […]

Your Guide to Yellowjacket Wasps And Yellowjacket Hives

There are 30,000 different types of wasps on Earth. Of this huge family of insects, not all are considered pests. Yellowjackets are a subset of wasps that are social and identified by their color. Not all yellowjackets are pests, but pest yellowjacket hives can be big trouble in your yard. Wasps are famous for being able to […]

Which Is More Dangerous: Wasps, Flies, Bees, Mosquito, or Hornets?

Over the spring and summer months in Utah, flying insects can become a major concern. They can nest in trees, along roof lines, under eaves, and in other isolated places around your home. Their presence easily ruins picnics or other outdoor events, and for good reason. Flying insects carry the threat of serious diseases and […]