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If you asked most people which insect they were most scared of about half would be split between spiders (which are not technically insects) and wasps (which are). Wasps are basically flying stingers. Unlike bees, they can sting over and over again and the stinging hurts very badly. Wasps kill people. That’s right. When a swarm of them attacks a single individual, each member of the swarm can sting repeatedly.

There’s an old saying about kicking the hornet’s nest. You know what a hornet is? It’s a wasp. Wasps can focus on a threat to their hive and launch a coordinated attack against the threat. Wasps are horrifying, terrifying, and bad. They will ruin your barbecue. They will frighten your children. You want to get rid of them, and fast. But how?

Removing a wasps nest is dangerous. But if you have the proper training and equipment, the job can be done safely and efficiently. The expert wasp control specialists at Elevate Pest Control have the experience you need to remove a wasps’ nest from the eaves of your home, your shed, attack, garage, or anywhere else the wasp has set up shop. Before you swing for the fences, give us a call to set up an appointment today.

Types of Wasp in Colorado

There are three main types of wasp in Colorado. These are yellowjackets (which are often confused with bees), bald-faced hornets, and paper wasps. Yellowjackets account for somewhere around 90% of all reported “bee stings” because they are fairly difficult to distinguish from bumblebees and honeybees which are also yellow.

When most people think of wasps, they’re thinking of hornets which are larger than bees and yellowjackets. Nonetheless, yellowjackets are a type of wasp and they account for the majority of emergency room or urgent care visits.

Bald-faced hornets are the most aggressive species of wasp. Paper wasps are considered the least aggressive but will sting if under threat. Yellowjackets fall somewhere in between but are much more prevalent than other species of wasp.

Knowing Your Wasp

Technically speaking, wasps are insects in the order hymenoptera and sub-order apocrita. Although they are related to bees that are a number of key differences. Most homeowners wouldn’t know the difference between a yellowjacket and a bee. Yellowjackets are wasps. Wasps are omnivorous creatures who can survive on either plant nectar or other insects. Bees are vegetarians. They survive on plant nectar alone.

Wasps are much more dangerous than bees. While there are some bees that can sting multiple times, all wasps can. Those who are facing a swarm are in serious trouble. That’s why the piñata method is ill-advised. The wasps will immediately recognize a blunt force strike to the nest as a threat to their colony. You stand a very good chance of finding yourself in the emergency room.

Wasps are as protective of their nests as humans are of their homes. Removing a wasps’ nest requires special precautions and equipment that reduces the danger to the individual removing the nest. You can logistically purchase this equipment yourself, but it’s expensive, and you still run some risk if you’re up on a ladder. Elevate Pest Control can remove the danger minimizing the risk to ourselves, you, and your family.

Why Wasps are Attracted to Your Homes

In many ways, your home makes a perfect location for a wasp colony. It offers an out-of-the-way location. The major problem with that lining of thinking is that humans don’t want wasps setting up a nest in their homes.

There are generally three types of wasps nests. These are mud daubers, paper or wood pulp nests, and underground nests. Each of these requires a specific removal technique.

You Shouldn’t Remove a Wasps’ Nest Yourself

If your first instinct to remove a wasps’ nest is to strike it with a bat, you have a problem. If your second instinct is to squirt it with the hose, you have a problem. If your third instinct is to climb up the ladder with a $10 can of waspicide, you have a serious problem. Just about the last place that you want to be is up on a ladder with wasps swarming in your face and a useless can of waspicide.

Talk to a Boulder Wasp Control Expert Today

DIY methods only work when you have the proper equipment. As it stands, it’s still cheaper to enlist the services of expert pest control specialists than it is to purchase all the equipment yourself to safely remove a wasps’ nest. Give the local wasp control experts at Elevate Pest Control a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment.

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