A Mouse in your House is not your Friend

It is perfectly fine to see critters from nature while streaming your favorite shows. It is not perfectly fine to find a mouse eating your favorite breakfast cereal. When the critters from nature invade your home, you are in for a battle. A mouse might look cute and fluffy, but it definitely is not. Mice are maniacal home wreckers that …

Andrew IsraelsenA Mouse in your House is not your Friend

5 Benefits of Using Professional Pest Control

A complaint among mothers for centuries is that the housework is never done. You just finish the dishes or the laundry and before you can blink again, there is another load to do. It feels endless. Sad as it may be, this is the same with pest control. You cannot just treat for pests once because they will always try …

Andrew Israelsen5 Benefits of Using Professional Pest Control

Brown Spiders in Motion

Spiders come in a lot of different shapes, sizes and colors. You might have never noticed their coloring because whenever you spot one, you immediately reach for your shoe. While spiders do have a lot of colors, it seems like Mother Nature really likes to color a great number of her spiders brown. When it comes to your home, you …

Andrew IsraelsenBrown Spiders in Motion

Vindictive Voles

You might go most of your life without ever meeting a vole, but if you get an infestation in your yard, you will come to realize how nasty an infestation of voles can become. When it comes to your yard, voles are one of the most destructive creatures that Mother Nature can unleash. If you are facing a horde of …

Andrew IsraelsenVindictive Voles

Get rid of those pesky flies

Though those pesky flies seem to be harmless, they can carry disease and contaminate your food. Check out the whiteboard animation below for some helpful tips on how to eliminate them. Elevate Pest Control are experts at eliminating pests, call today!

Andrew IsraelsenGet rid of those pesky flies

Elevate Pest Control Utah Jazz Giveaway Winner!

Elevate Pest Control was excited to be able to give one of their followers the opportunity to win tickets to a Utah Jazz basketball game. At the beginning of the week we used a random generator to choose a winner from our list of contestant entries. Debbie Dodge was randomly picked as the winner of the Utah Jazz tickets! She …

Andrew IsraelsenElevate Pest Control Utah Jazz Giveaway Winner!

6 Common Utah Spiders

Spiders are among the more despised creatures on planet. Other feared animals include bears, snakes, sharks and lions but the difference between all these animals and the spider is that while they are all the things of nightmares, the spider is the only one that can end up in your bed with you when you wake up. If Americans woke …

Andrew Israelsen6 Common Utah Spiders

Help! Boxelder Bugs Moved Inside During the Winter!

Boxelder bugs are the black and red beetles you usually see sunning themselves on surfaces during the fall. They look like black beetles with red stripes or you might see a variety that is a red beetle with black on its abdomen. Boxelder bugs have a lifespan of about 1 year, yet these insects are quite fragile when it comes …

Andrew IsraelsenHelp! Boxelder Bugs Moved Inside During the Winter!