8 Ways to Keep Your Home Pest Free This Summer

According to a national survey in the United States, 84 percent of homeowners had experienced problems with pests within the past year. Especially in the summer months, pest problems increase.

Do you want to learn how to go pest free during the summer? Keep reading these 8 tips to keep pests out of your home this summer!

1. Check Water Sources

One way you can go pest free this summer is by checking water sources in your home. Water is a great place for bugs to lay eggs, especially mosquitos. In fact, female mosquitos lay eggs in any container that holds water. Even if you don’t have a water feature or pond in your yard, any container that has standing water could act as a breeding area for new mosquitos. 

Make sure you keep these types of containers upside down to prevent water from gathering. This will help you prevent mosquitos from breeding and taking over your yard in the summer months. 

Not only do some bugs breed in the water, but other pests, like rodents, will use your yard as a water source. This will help them survive and may keep pests in your yard. 

2. Regularly Inspect 

If you are worried about having a pest problem, you will want to regularly inspect the areas you have seen pests in the past. 

Check for nests or any other visible signs that pests are on your property. The best places to inspect are your attics, basements, and even sheds. If you have found pests anywhere in the past, it is likely that more will come to the same place in the future. 

By regularly inspecting your home for signs of pests, you can prevent them from causing more damage. 

3. Cut off the Source

Another way you can prevent pests from entering your home or yard in the summer is by cutting off the source of pests. Just as water may be a source of pests like mosquitoes, there are many other sources of pests. 

For example, if your yard provides food for pests of any kind, it will be difficult to remove the pests. Make sure you cut off food sources for pests. This is especially important in your home!

Always put away your food and drinks to keep these critters from finding food. 

Another way you can cut off the source of pests is by removing their shelter. For example, many pests like living in woodpiles near your home. Make sure you keep these away from your home and off the ground. 

Removing these sources will keep pests away from your home!

4. Clean Your Home

If you want to prevent pest infestation in your homes, it is best to clean your home! There are many aspects of a dirty home that attract pests. For example, if you leave food out in your kitchen or have crumbs on the floor, bugs will be attracted to the mess. 

It is also important to prevent clutter in your home! Cluttered areas in your home provide perfect hiding spots for pests and places for them to nest. 

5. Watch What You Bring in

Many types of bugs enter your home with you or things that you bring into your home. By latching onto you or your pets, insects and other pests can hitch a ride into your house. 

For example, one type of insect that easily spreads into homes is bed bugs. They hide in luggage, on furniture, and can quickly infest your home. You want to be careful of the things you bring into your home. 

Always check your outdoor decor, secondhand furniture, and even your luggage after spending time in a hotel or another place that has frequent overnight guests.

6. Take Care of Your Grass

There are many reasons that you should take care of your grass, but one reason is that bugs are attracted to it! Bugs like grass because it is a moist and cool place for them to stay and they eat the grass and the roots underneath. 

Bugs are especially attracted to long grass. It is a great place for insects, like ticks, to hide. By cutting your grass regularly, you can prevent these pests in your yard. 

7. Trim Trees and Shrubs

It is also vital to trim the trees and shrubs surrounding your home. If your shrubbery is overgrown and touching your home, it makes it much easier for pests to get into your house. 

For example, many squirrels and rodents climb trees and can get into your attic. To prevent these pests from climbing into your home, make sure your trees and bushes do not touch your home! 

8. Get Professional Help!

Finally, if you have tried each of these steps but are still experiencing pest problems, it may be time for you to call a professional bug free pest control company! They are trained to remove even the most stubborn pests and can get your pest control issues under control quickly.

There are many tips to help you find the best pest control companies, but you can also check out online reviews and get references from friends. 

Get a Free Pest Inspection Today to Go Pest Free!

Pest can be difficult to remove and are much easier to prevent. However, following these tips can help you achieve a pest free home. If you are looking for a reliable pest control company in Utah, Elevate Pest Control can help!

Contact our team today for a free pest inspection, to learn more about our services, or for a pest control free estimate. 

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