How To Avoid a Spider Infestation in Your Home

Are you worried there’s a spider infestation growing in your home?

There are a lot of reasons to get rid of pests in your home. Doing so improves the state of your home by removing unclean invaders, and it also improves the state of your mind as pests have a psychological effect on some people. Among the latter are the spiders, which are a big problem for people with arachnophobia.

The only thing that’s better than getting rid of pests is preventing them from settling and growing at all. To learn how to do this, take a quick look at the guide we have below. Learn how to identify the signs of a spider infestation and what you can do to keep them out of your house.

What Are the Signs of Spider Infestation?

There are a lot of signs to tell you there’s an infestation in your home. Spider webs strung around your home are among the most common ones you’ll encounter. You’ll likely see them around the darker corners of your home, but you’ll also encounter them on your doorways and window frames.

Seeing a few isn’t a big deal. It only means there are one or two spiders in your home. If you see more popping up, though, then you should start worrying. 

This is also the case for egg sacs. Nesting spiders leave clusters of webs that contain their young. Once they hatch, you can expect a few dozen mature spiders to start producing their own egg sacs along the line.

If you start seeing egg sacs in the crevices of your house, it’s best to get rid of them ASAP. Immediately calling pest control services is a great way to ensure these are thoroughly removed.

You should also look out for insect husks. Spiders feed on most insects by draining their liquified insides. This means there will be carcasses of drained insects leftover from a meal.

Seeing these around the house en masse means you have a large number of spiders living with you.

Causes of a Spider Infestation

There are different factors that can cause a spider infestation to grow in your home. One of them is the abundance of food present in the area. As mentioned above, most insects are in a spider’s diet.

Spiders will settle into the area if they find that it hosts a suitable food source. Even if you don’t have insects on your property, though, you may still encounter different types of spiders, such as the case for a spider cricket infestation.

Spiders also have a liking for dark crevices that are inaccessible to humans. They like areas where they’ll be alone for the most part. No human activity means they can thrive in building their nests.

It’s a big bonus for them if the area is humid and damp. This means there’s an available water source for them nearby which they can access at any time.

This is also why they may settle and build a nest in your lawn, instead. The dew that grass and leaves produce provides the ideal conditions for them to survive and thrive. 

How to Prevent Spider Infestations

Now that you know how to identify and what causes spider infestations in a home, you’ll want to know how to prevent it from happening. What’s great is that there are a lot of ways for you to do this. Below are the best ways to prevent spiders from nesting in your home in the first place.

Seal Cracks In Your Home

The best way to prevent spiders from settling in your home is by sealing all the cracks and that they may nest in. Go around your house looking for them and apply sealants to any that are deep enough. Doing so keeps them from finding a place where they can thrive without your knowledge.

Sealing cracks can prevent them from getting into your house in the first place. Without a means to get into your house in the first place, you won’t have an infestation to deal with. This is a great way to prevent spiders from invading your house during the winter, as they tend to look for warmer areas to live in during these times.

You can also use dichotomous earth to seal these cracks and holes. This is a powder made from fossils, which absorb a lot of the moisture in an area.

This removes the preferred conditions for a spider to nest, and can also be a more lethal option for getting rid of spiders. When spiders pass over this, they get cut and eventually bleed out.

Keep Your Residence Clean and Tidy

As mentioned above, spiders love clutter as it means there’s little chance for human interaction. Keeping your house clean and tidy prevents them from finding your household attractive as a home. Keep the area open and accessible, and clean the house regularly.

Doing this is also a great way to get rid of any existing egg sacs in your house. Vacuuming and wiping down the walls with a damp cloth is enough to get rid of them. 

Make sure to also keep your property tidy. Trim the vegetation around your windows as spiders can also enter through them. Keep your lawn short and neat to prevent them from finding a shady place to start a nest.

By doing this, you can reduce the number of typical spiders that exist on your property. It’s also a great way to prevent a spider mite infestation from growing in your garden.

Avoid Having a Spider Infestation In Your Home Today

You need not worry about having a spider infestation in house. Use our guide above to know how to prevent a spider infestation from happening in your home. Live in comfort knowing you won’t see a single spider in your home anymore!

Are you already dealing with a spider infestation in your home? Contact us here and we’ll take care of it for you! We also offer services that can take care of other pests, as well as lawn care services for a healthy and pest-free property!

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