7 Signs You Should Call Pest Control Immediately

Do you need to call pest control? It can be difficult to know when to make the call, but there are signs that let you know it’s time.

No matter how well you clean or maintain your home, you’ll likely face a pest infestation at some point. While some are relatively minor and easy to treat, others are more challenging and warrant a call to a pest control company.

Keep reading to learn when to call pest control for professional help.

1. Structural Damage

If the first sign of a problem you see is structural damage, it’s time to immediately call for pest control. Wood is a prime target for hungry termites. You likely won’t see the bugs working their way through your wood, but you can see the tunnels and pinholes they leave behind. 

Termites work fast and multiply quickly. They can cause serious damage, so it’s important to tackle the problem at the first sign of structural damage. A pest control company can verify that the damage is caused by termites and can recommend the best treatment option.

2. Interior Damage

Another sign you need a house call pest control service is interior damage. While not as severe as structural damage, it’s still a sign that you have an active pest infestation in your home.

Different types of rodents are often guilty of damaging everything from furniture to drywall and baseboards. They use the scraps they get from those materials to build their nests.

Insects can also cause damage inside your house. They might chew holes through clothes or other fabrics.

Pests might also leave their mark in the kitchen when they scavenge for food. They often leave scratches or bite marks on food packaging.

The pests can cause quite a lot of damage, forcing you to repair walls or replace furnishings. Call pest control as soon as you notice the unexplained damage to keep it from getting worse.

3. Smells and Sounds

Every home has its share of smells and sounds, but sometimes your senses notice something that doesn’t seem to fit. This can be a sign of a hidden pest problem that’s easier for a pest control company to handle.

Larger pests, especially rodents, tend to be the ones you can actually hear. You might notice a scurrying sound behind walls, in attics, or in crawl spaces. You could also hear scratching or scraping sounds.

Termites can also make noises loud enough to hear. A professional pest control company can determine the cause of the noises if you’re not sure what type of pests you’re hearing.

Pests also cause various smells you might not recognize, such as the oily smell of roaches. Mice often leave behind an ammonia smell. If you notice an odor that’s musty and slightly sweet, it could be a sign of bed bugs.

Sometimes you can smell feces from pests. The droppings of some pests, especially rodents, can be harmful if you inhale them, so tackling the problem as soon as you notice it is important.

You could also be smelling rotting food the pests have collected from your home. Those rotten food particles can also cause mold to develop.

Another potential smell is that of dead pests. Rodents tend to have a particularly strong odor when they die.

4. Signs of Nesting

Pests can easily get inside your home, but they often make themselves at home, too. If you see nests or hives inside or outside of your home, it’s a sign the pests plan to stay.

Nests are often located in hidden spots where the pests feel protected. This might include in walls, in attics, behind appliances, or in crevices. If you spot a nest, contact a pest company to see if it has current residents so you can evict them.

5. Difficult Pests

Some pests are very difficult to get rid of on your own. These pests are better left to the professionals, who know how to diagnose the problem and treat it with professional solutions.

Bed bugs multiply quickly and are difficult to kill and eliminate. Termites generally stay hidden and cause serious damage. Cockroaches are also very difficult to kill and completely get out of your home. 

When you face these stubborn pests, it can be frustrating to get rid of them. You’ll likely spend a lot of money and time on home treatment options, many of which can be toxic to your family and pets. 

Professionals can remedy the issue much faster with more powerful products than you can buy. They know how to perform those treatments safely.

6. Safety Risk

Some minor pest problems are things you can live with or remedy yourself. Others put your family and pets at risk. If you’re concerned you have a dangerous pest problem, call pest control services immediately.

In some people, certain insects and pests can cause serious, life-threatening allergic reactions that can result in difficulty breathing. Stinging insects are one example. Even if they don’t cause an allergic reaction, they can cause painful effects for pets and people. 

Rodents can cause health problems once they take up residence in your home. They can transmit diseases, including hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which can cause serious breathing problems. Spread through rodent feces and urine, this disease is contracted by breathing it in. 

Spiders are also potentially dangerous. Two types of spiders in the U.S., black widow, and brown recluse, are venomous spiders and are dangerous to humans.

If you’re not sure what you’re dealing with or you’re concerned about your family’s safety, call for immediate pest control services. They can evaluate the situation and control the pests safely.

7. Recurring Pest Problem

Some pests, such as ant pests, are relatively harmless. Many people use commercial or DIY treatments to get rid of them.

Sometimes those harmless pests just won’t go away, though. If you’ve tried all of the commercial options and home remedies and the pests are still there, it’s time to call pest control services. 

Large infestations of any type of pest can be difficult to control on your own. Once it gets to the point of actually seeing the pests, it’s often a large infestation. It’s easier to let a pest control company use professional-grade control options to tackle your pest problem once and for all.

Know When to Call Pest Control

When you call pest control, you’re calling in experts who can quickly and safely handle all types of pests. They can quickly identify the pests and treat them properly to help you reclaim your home from unwanted invaders. 

Instead of searching “pest control company near me” and taking your chances on the results, contact us so you know you’re getting the best pest control company around.

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