Tips and Tricks for Hiring the Best Commercial Pest Control Services

Do you own or manage a business? Are you beginning to get some unwanted visitors in your office, retail space, or warehouse? Are you wondering if it’s time to look for commercial pest control services?

Pests in your business can do more than get you a bad reputation. They can damage your inventory as well as the structure of your building.

A commercial pest control company can end up saving your building and your ability to do business. They are well worth whatever you spend to get them on the job. Yet how can you be sure you’ve found one that will rid your place of pests effectively and professionally?

Here’s what you should be looking for.

1. Recommendations and Reviews

One of the best ways to start looking for a reputable company is to ask trusted friends, family members, and co-workers for recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their experiences.

Were they able to rid their business of pests? Were they punctual and professional? Were there any unexpected costs along the way?

If you can’t get any personal recommendations, look up pest control professionals in your area. Read their online reviews.

Remember that you shouldn’t be going on what a single former customer said. Look for patterns in reviews that tell you what you can expect when you give the business a call.

You may, for example, notice that a lot of people mention the friendly servicemen. Or that more than one person says the business was overpriced. A comment that appears more than once is something to keep in mind.

Once you’ve found a few companies that seem reputable, give them a call and ask for at least three references that you can speak to about their experiences. Be sure to stick with local companies, as these will have the best knowledge of common pests and structures in your area.

2. Licensing

While states have different requirements when it comes to pest control licensing, all pest control companies are required to be licensed.

In the state of Utah, those who wish to become exterminators must take a training course and pass an examination. The final test covers categories such as local pesticide laws, environmental protection, and application techniques. Licensed pest-control workers will also get experience applying pesticides, identifying and eliminating different kinds of pests, and managing customer relationships.

Before you hire a particular pest control service, ask for their license number. If you want to be extra thorough, go online, and see if it checks out.

3. Insurance

It’s also important for pest control workers to carry worker’s compensation insurance. This provides benefits for any employees in their company who may suffer work-related injuries on the job. It’s important for pest control workers because of the hazardous chemicals they work with.

If your pest control agent doesn’t have insurance, you could end up being held liable if an accident happens while employees are working at your business. Before you choose an exterminator, ask for their insurance number and call up the insurance company to verify it.

4. The Right Price

Generally speaking, an exterminator can cost you anywhere from $117 to $5,000. So much depends upon the type of pest that you’ve got, as well as the extent of the damage.

Ant infestation, for example, will run on the lower end. But bed bug treatments can get quite expensive. And your price will vary depending upon how many of the pests have taken up residence at your business.

The cost of your exterminating service will also depend upon your geographical area. Before you hire a company, call up at least three local companies and get them to give you an honest estimate based on your problem. Make sure the company you end up contracting with is giving you an estimate that’s in the ballpark of what other exterminators are saying. 

Your pest control company should be willing to provide you with a written description of the fees they plan to charge you. This will ensure that there won’t be any surprises along the way. If you have any questions about a particular fee, the right company will be ready and able to explain it to you.

5. Experience

You’ll want a pest control company that has experience with removing the types of pests you have. They should know which chemicals to apply, and which doses are safe. They should also know exactly when to apply them.

When interviewing prospective pest control companies, ask them if they’ve had experience treating the type of pest you’ve got before. How many roach problems in grocery stores have they seen, for example? And what was their strategy for getting rid of them?

You can get a sense of the knowledge of skills a particular company has through an initial interview. You can also ask your company about their use of Integrated Pest Management, which means that they will use both chemical and non-chemical methods to treat the problem.

If you have folks with allergies or asthma working in your business, you’ll want to know that your pest management company can do everything they can to limit the use of harsh chemicals. The important thing is that your business is safely rid of destructive pests in a timely, effective manner.

The Best Commercial Pest Control Services

The best commercial pest control services in your area will come with more than a guarantee. Good recommendations, a reasonable price, and excellent service are just a few of the benefits you can expect from hiring the finest professionals available.

Don’t stop getting control of your pest problem now. For more information on quality pest control, contact us today.

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