7 Mouse Control Tips to Help You Tackle Potential Rodent Infestations

We suffer a lot of things in America these days.

But a paucity of pests isn’t one of them.

All across the country, there are rodents, flies, ants, wasps, bed bugs, and termites galore. And that’s just a few of the pesky pests that can make home-life a misery! It’s (almost) no surprise, then, that 84% of homeowners suffer a pest problem of one sort or another every year.

Of all the pests out there, though, mice are some of the most common- and problematic.

Know the struggle? Well, having a selection of mouse control tips up your sleeve should make a significant difference. With the right approach, you can tackle any mouse infestation that occurs or, better still, stops it occurring in the first place!

That means no more contaminated food stores, piles of dirty droppings, or squeaks in the middle of the night! Sound good? Read on for 7 mouse prevention and control tips.

1. Lay Mouse Traps

Mousetraps can be an effective solution for households with current infestations.

For a humane approach, you should look into bait stations that trap mice without harming them. Numerous humane traps are available, which lure and then secure the mouse. You can then release it back into the wild, no harm no foul.

Alternatively, you could consider ‘snap-style’ traps that are designed to kill the mouse instead. These traps function via a spring mechanism, which releases a metal bar at high-velocity when a rodent steps onto the trap.

The type of trap you choose is less important than where you lay them though. Place them wherever there’s evidence of mice activity. Look for piles of droppings, for example, which can indicate common pathways.

2. Keep Things Clean

Rodent prevention is always better than ‘cure’. In other words, you’ll save yourself a world of trouble if you can avoid suffering mouse infestations in the first place!

Keeping your home clean is a central ingredient to making that happen.

Most mice enter your home in search of an easy meal. They want the crumbs in your pantry, the food on your kitchen floor, and any leftovers on your grill outside, and so on. Clean it all away and there’s far less incentive for them to pay a visit.

The way you store things is important too though. Keep your food, such as bread and cereals, in sealed, durable containers. Don’t, and it won’t be long before you notice tell-tale holes and nibble-marks start to appear.

3. Clear the Garden

In the process of cleaning up your house?

Well, it’s worth paying some attention to your yard as well! Anything from piles of garbage and clutter to dense thickets and fallen fruit (from fruit trees) can attract mice to the area.

Try to clear out anything that’d make a tempting food source or a comfortable place to live. Bushes and foliage, for example, should be kept well away from your home. Those kinds of garden additions provide perfect shelter from predators and, as a result, a safe space for rodents to stay.

4. Rid Yourself of Entry Points

Mice get into your house in a variety of ways.

However, one particularly common method is to squeeze themselves through teeny tiny holes they find around your home. There might be gaps around windows and doorframes, holes to let wires in, and pipes for the plumbing.

Whatever the case, it’s your job to find such possible entry points and seal them shut! Start the process by inspecting your entire home for mouse holes and runs- paying close attention to basements, crawl spaces, and attics.

Then, having made an inventory of possible entry-points, set about filling them with caulk or steel wool. Both materials should provide an effective barrier that prevents mice from getting through.

Think about laying traps in these areas too. That way, any mice that would usually use the (freshly-filled) holes to enter your home will be killed/trapped.

5. Get a Cat

Anybody with a rodent-related problem should consider getting a cat!

Why? Because our furry feline friends are natural-born hunters.

Some take to the task with greater gusto than others, of course. But all cats have a certain pan chance for ‘mouse in the morning’! They’ll help you catch and kill any mice in the house, relieving the need for troublesome traps and bait.

Better still, cats are effective mouse deterrents as well.

With free-reign over your home and yard, they’ll move around the property, leaving their scent wherever they go. Any rodents in the vicinity will realize there’s a predator around and, with a bit of luck, stay away as a result.

6. Spray Predator Urine in the Yard

Don’t want a cat but like the idea of a deterrent?

Spray pre-packaged predator urine around your garden instead. You can usually pick this up from a garden center to serve a similar purpose.

Any mice in the vicinity will smell a predator and, hopefully, think twice about setting up shop in your home. Don’t worry, though, the smell won’t be strong enough to deter you in the process!

7. Contact the Professionals

Don’t have the time or inclination to tackle this job yourself?

Think about hiring pest control professionals, like us, to do it for you. We have all the knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience required to make light work of your mouse problem!

That means two things:

Firstly, you can expect the job to be completed in a swift, timely manner. Secondly, the control and/or extermination will be done to a higher standard than any DIY attempts. All told, you’ll enjoy a mouse-free home in no time- and all without lifting a finger!

Remember These Mouse Control Tips

Countless households around the country suffer mice problems every year.

These pesky pests enter your home, eat your food, and dirty your property all at once. It’s a nuisance, to say the least. That’s why it’s so important to know how to prevent mice from becoming an issue in the first place.

Hopefully, the mouse control tips in this post will help you do exactly that!

Looking for professional help with an infestation that’s already in place? Contact us today to see how we can be of service.

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