Professional Pest Control: 9 Things You Should Look for Before Hiring

Did you know that pests like rats and mice eat and contaminate at least 20% of food every year? Even worse, they carry around over 35 diseases that spread to humans either directly through urine, feces, and saliva, or indirectly through ticks, mites, and contaminated food. That’s not all though, because pests can be annoying, and infuriating once they invade a home.

Now, when most people find out they have a pest infestation in their home, their first line of thought is to try any DIY extermination method they encounter. The thing is, most DIY pest control methods rarely work, and eventually, they need to call in a professional pest control company.

What to Consider When Hiring a Pest Control Company

If you’re dealing with a pest infestation and feel that a professional is best suited for the job, the task at hand is to locate the best pest exterminator you can find. How do you find them, though? What should you consider when searching for a pest control company?

Choosing a service provider can be quite challenging. With all the pest control companies around advertising their companies, it’s hard to know who you can trust. Keep in mind that these people will be coming into your home and bringing potentially harmful products along.

This is to say, you need a professional, reliable, and trustworthy company that will not only exterminate the pests but protect your family as well. For these reasons, we have put together a few tips that will help you make the right decision when choosing a pest control service.

1. How Long They Have Been in Business

Experience is highly important when it comes to pest control services. If possible, find out how long their business has been in operation. Working with a local company can be beneficial as well because they have local pest knowledge and experience.

It’s easier to trust a company with a long track record because you can be sure if something goes wrong, they will be around to correct it. The pest exterminator to talk to should sound knowledgeable and assuring when answering your questions.

2. The Company Should Be Licensed Insured and Bonded

Professional pest control companies must have a license to operate in their area. Each company must have a certified controller and trained staff that perform various duties. Generally, a company needs to have at least four certified operators falling under General Pest Control, Fumigation, Termite, Lawn & Ornamental.

Find out whether they have all licenses as they are required to understand application methods, safety practices, and cleaning protocols. They need to be bonded and carry several insurance policies, including general liability, professional liability, and worker’s compensation.

3. Check Online Reviews and Testimonials

Reputable pest control services will have honest testimonials and customer reviews on their websites. You can also check other legitimate review websites and social media platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google. These sites will present honest reviews from past customers, and you can gauge whether the company is worth considering.

4. Ask How Much Training They Go Through

The pest control company managers may be well educated and trained, but how about the technicians that are likely to come into your home? How much training do they get and how prepared are they to combat the problem.

Professional pest management is not an easy task, and they need to understand what pests they are dealing with and what environment they reside in before deciding the best pest extermination strategy.

5. Do They Offer Complimentary Inspections

Most professional pest control companies offer a free initial inspection. Look for a company that will fully inspect your home to understand how to not only exterminate the pests but ensure that they prevent a recurrence.

6. Do They Offer a Written Quote?

An estimate is just that, an estimate. Estimates can change at any time, and the problem is unscrupulous companies often use low estimates to reel in customers, only to charge exorbitant prices once they are done.

Some companies will always find a way to add in some extra or hidden costs that you didn’t see coming. Look for a company that will inspect your property first, get a scope of the issue at hand, then offer you a written quote detailing all the costs involved.

7. Do They Offer Long Term Services

Some properties need long term pest control management, especially commercial properties that deal with food production. If a company offers these services, they will arrive at your doorstep any moment you sight a rodent or pest. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to keep researching for a company since you’ll have a professional exterminator at your beck and call.

8. How Safe Are Their Pest Control Treatments

Most modern pest control products are designed to be lethal to pests and yet harmless to humans and pets. However, you need to ask what treatments they will use and how safe they are, especially if you have children and pets in the house. A professional exterminator will explain why their treatments are safe, tell you what precautions to take, and reassure you that everyone will be safe.

9. Do They Offer a Guarantee?

The most annoying thing about pests is how easy it is for them to come back. The company should take preventative methods that will prevent the pests from invading your home again. They should offer you a guarantee or warranty in case the pests are not fully exterminated, or if you’re not happy with the results.

Hiring the Most Professional Pest Control Company

There is so much to hiring a professional pest control company than just calling the first one you find online. Avoid hiring the cheapest company either, but instead, look for value. Do your due diligence, find the best pest control service you can find in your area, and you may not have to do it again in the future.

Ask for recommendations from family, friends, colleagues, or even neighbors. Even better, give us a call today, and we’ll be more than glad to help you get rid of those annoying pests. You can also check out our blog section, where we have more information about pests.

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