Why Should Your Business Have a Regular Pest Inspection?

Are you worried that your business might be dealing with pests inside the walls? Do you have a weird feeling that you’re dealing with an infestation? If so, then you need a pest inspection for your commercial property.

It’s always a good idea to stay ahead of the game by performing regular pest inspections. That way, treatment options are preventative, not responsive. 

Doing so can help you avoid an emergency where you need to shut down the entire office. See below for the many reasons why businesses should schedule a frequent pest inspection to look through their property.

1. Catch Them Early On

If you were to deal with a pest infestation, you would want it to be caught early on so that it’s gone as quickly as it came. Without scheduling a consistent pest inspection, your chances of doing so are significantly lowered.

By scheduling a frequent inspection, you’re giving your commercial pest control experts the chance to identify signs of pests before they spread uncontrollably. The problem becomes much harder to fix after the pests have been in your property for a while.

When the pest control service has the time to identify what you’re up against, it will help expedite the entire treatment process. Pest companies can then use their specific treatments to rid your company of the pest that’s been ailing them.

2. Efficient Treatment Options

Another benefit of scheduling frequent pest control to catch the outbreaks early on is the wide variety of treatment options at your disposal.

If you’re able to catch them in the early stage of the process, then your pest control service can use more natural ways to kill bugs. If they catch them too late, then your options become less varied, and you’ll have to resort to emergency treatments.

Those emergency treatments can mean your entire staff having to vacate the building for an extended period of time, resulting in a setback for your business.

3. Preventive Treatments

In business, you use public relations and marketing tactics to build your brand and a positive reputation. More importantly, your public relations tactics are there to prevent any bad press from coming your way.

The same ideology applies to pest control: you’d rather be preventative than responsive. In other words, you’d rather have them use treatments to prevent an infestation than wait too long and need them to perform emergency treatments.

Emergency treatment doesn’t happen overnight. Your pest control service can’t just throw magical pest control bombs inside your commercial building and kill all the pests that live in it. Doing that wouldn’t solve your problem.

It will probably take several rounds of the same treatment to eradicate an infestation, rounds that could’ve been delegated over several months of preventative treatment.

4. Keeps Bugs Away From Your Customers

Imagine the horror of walking into a business meeting to inquire about a company’s service, then seeing a roach walking around the floor of the lobby. Would you still be as interested to learn more or would that roach give you a negative first impression?

Most likely the latter, meaning that if your customers ever see a bug crawling around your floors or walls, they’ll run for the hills. Even worse, they may never pick up your phone calls again, never giving you their reasoning for backing out.

If you want to make sure your brand is never effected by bugs, you have to ensure that the bugs never come in the first place. The only way to do that is through consistent pest control services, not by setting up things like bug zappers.

Your pest control experts understand the needs of your commercial building better than anyone else. They’ll provide extra treatment to things like your lobby and meeting rooms to make it virtually impossible for your clients to witness a bug on the floor.

5. Modifications When Necessary

Like any other service, pest control services will have to make frequent adjustments to your treatment process in order to yield the best results. Pests are smart, they devise different plans to try and sneak into your company’s quarters.

With frequent pest inspections, this won’t be a problem in the slightest. Your pest control service will identify different trends with the bugs you’re facing and alternate their treatment accordingly, making the bug’s plans ineffective.

If you go months between treatments, then you aren’t giving the pest control service time to gradually adjust. It then becomes a race to make adjust your entire service to the pests you’re now facing.

6. They Can Destroy Your Inventory

Try to envision walking into a supply shelf to get desk accessories or into the pantry of your company’s breakroom and finding bugs or a rodent scurry away. 

You then open several boxes inside those storage spaces and see that the pests have completely ruined your inventory. Now, not only do you have a pest problem, you have a financial problem as well.

This happens far too often in the corporate world. By simply scheduling a frequent pest control inspection, you can prevent it from happening to you!

Schedule a Pest Inspection Today

Now that you’ve seen all the benefits of scheduling a frequent pest inspection, it’s time for you to start down the path of consistent pest control servicing.

Be sure to read this article on the 6 reasons you should never try to perform DIY pest control.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page to schedule a free inspection for your business!

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