Bug Control 101: Exactly What Does Pest Control Include?

Did you know that termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year in the USA? When bugs attack your house, the problem can be more than annoying. It can damage your health and finances. If you have started to see pests in your house and want to know how to get rid of them, we have good news. Professional pest control can give you back control of your house and your peace of mind.

What will a professional pest control service do for you? Why not check out our 101 articles to see what services they provide.

Professional Service and Introduction

A professional pest control service should be much more than a person with a spray bottle. A pest control industry professional should punctually arrive on time and wear a company uniform. Since they will need access to your house, they should have an identity card that you can verify with a parent company.

When they arrive they will briefly provide an overview of the initial stages of their checks. What they will need to do and see and approximately how long it will take. In 2020 there are many different options for removing pests from your home. The professional should be able to take you through your options including any chemicals that may be used in the process.

Check Entry Points

One of the first things that a pest control representative will do is look for obvious entry points in your house. Experience shows that there are some obvious weaknesses in older houses that bugs of all kinds can use to enter.

These may include simple entry points such as:

  • Pipes
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Attics
  • Garages

Basically any small holes where small creatures can enter without being observed. This part of the inspection will take some time. they will take copious notes and likely provide some immediate observations.

Outside Locations

You might not think that external areas of your property require inspection. However many bugs, such as wasps, make nests in garden areas. They then become a problem for nearby houses. Inspecting your external areas and possibly those belonging to your neighbors is a priority.

Checking Moisture Levels

Moisture attracts bugs. Even worse, it provides an ideal breeding ground for them. the pest control agent will likely ask if there are any warm, dark, moist locations on your property.

Once they find these locations, they will likely use a moisture meter to measure the moisture in the air. They will know to look for certain bugs according to the level of water content in the air.


After their first assessment, the pest control agent will need to examine their findings and then create a report. Some will take the opportunity to sit with you right then and discuss the extent of the problem and what treatments could work.

This is also an opportunity to ask any questions about the treatment that the agent proposes. Others will take the data back to the office and send an official company report after consulting with other professionals. They may even be able to provide guideline costing for the work.

Treatment Planning

When the report from the pest control company arrives, you should be able to understand the current pest problem in detail. This will include what bugs are present – this may be more than you think – and also what bugs could be attracted by current conditions in your house.

If you are concerned about the harshness of chemicals that the pest control company may use, this is your opportunity to ask about alternatives. If your bug infestation has led to bad odors in your house, you can also ask about remedies.

You may also want to ask about what cleaning methods you should apply after the treatment. You do not want to inadvertently remove chemicals that are keeping bugs at bay.

Likely the treatment will involve a number of steps. If the need is urgent and you approve the treatment, the pest control agent may be able to start immediately.


The pest control service will understand that a bug infestation, or even the suspicion of one, is a very sensitive matter. This is especially true if you suspect an infestation on business premises. The pest control company should be discreet in their communications with you.

Bugs and Other Pests

Bugs such as beg bugs and rodents are classic examples of pests that you would want to remove. However, other animals often make a pest of themselves. Did you know that birds can do structural damage to houses? And that their droppings can be a source of disease?

A professional pest control service will be able to give you sound advice regarding the removal of birds from your premises. They will also provide practical solutions that will keep them away. This could include the blocking-off of nesting locations and the safe storage of garbage.

This can often be done quickly and in a humane way. In most cases, it will not involve any extra chemicals. This not only enhances the cleanliness of your home or business but shows that you want to protect your reputation.

Bug Control and Much More

Employıng a bug control service is much more than removing insects from your house. It is about health, cleanliness, and dignity. You will not longer have to take so many precautions to protect your food. You can enjoy evenings with guests, without fear of embarrassing insects crossing the floor.

If you are interested in achieving this peace of mind, then we are here to help you. We leverage our experience in the pest control industry to provide reliable services and trustworthy advice. Contact us to see how we can help you today!

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