The Smelliest Pest: 9 Ways To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

What if your home was invaded by the smallest and stinkiest of invaders?

No, we’re not talking about the neighborhood kids. This is a different kind of pest: the dreaded stink bug.

Many homeowners don’t know how to get rid of stink bugs and effectively surrender to the stench. But when you know what to do, you can take control of your home once more.

Ready to tackle your own stink bug problem? Here are 9 proven ways to get rid of these pests.

  1. Seal It Up

How do you start to fix your stink bug problem? The same way you would handle any other invader. Make sure they can’t get in!

These bugs often come into your home through exterior cracks. And cracks can be hard for you to see when they are hidden behind areas like pipes and chimneys.

You need to do a careful inspection of the entire exterior. Whenever you see a crack, seal it up with silicone or silicone-latex caulk.

Just like that, they won’t be able to sneak into your home anymore!

  1. Just the “Essentials”

When you think of essential oils, you probably think about aromatherapy. And it’s true that mint and other oils are a great way for you to relax.

Interestingly, such oils cause an opposite reaction within stink bugs. The special aroma of the oil naturally repels the pesky critters.

For maximum effectiveness, spray some mint around areas like windows and doors. It keeps the bugs out while making your home smell great.

  1. Fix Those Screens and Windows

Speaking of windows and doors, many of us use screens to help keep annoying bugs out of our homes. But have you checked the state of your screens lately?

These screens are only as secure as they are intact. Even small holes from damage or wear create an opening for stink bugs to make their move.

Inspect your screens and repair what you can and then replace what you cannot. That way, your screens can go back to doing their job.

  1. Garlic: Not Just For Vampires

When you think about scary creatures that you can ward off with garlic, you’re probably thinking of Dracula and other vampires. But did you know you can add stink bugs to that list?

Garlic spray works much like mint and other oils. The garlic emits an aroma that the stink bugs hate, making it a great substance to spray around windows and doorframes.

If you don’t like using a spray, you can achieve the same effect by spreading garlic cloves around. But if you hate the smell of garlic as much as the bugs do, you may want to try a different technique.

  1. (Don’t) Light’em Up

“Head towards the light” sounds like solid advice for humans on their way to the great beyond. Unfortunately, it’s also the advice that stink bugs take when they head towards your home.

Like many other types of insects, stink bugs are attracted to light. Porch lights and other exterior lights serve as a natural magnet for the critters. They’re even attracted to light spilling out from within your home.

Try to turn off those exterior lights unless they are absolutely necessary. For the interior lights, try installing some pulldown window blinds to help keep the light contained in your home.

  1. Suck It Up

So far, we’ve focused on stink bug prevention. But what about removing stink bugs that are already in your home?

Your first intact may be to grab and squash them as you would most other bugs. This is a rookie mistake, though, because it releases their foul stench within your home.

Instead, try vacuuming them up. This contains them without releasing their nasty smell. Afterward, you can take the bag of bugs outside or even deposit them in soapy water to quickly kill them.

  1. Plug the Leaks

While soap and water may spell doom for stink bugs, water alone can be part of the problem. That’s because they are drawn to warm, moist areas.

In the fall and winter, your home automatically counts as a warm area to a stink bug. And if you have any leaking pipes or clogged drains inside your home, you may be creating the kind of moist areas that they love.

You know the drill: you need to inspect the interior of your home (including areas like basements and garages and attics) and take care of any leaks. Otherwise, your uninvited guests will just keep coming back.

  1. Seal That Food

Another way in which stink bugs are similar to many other insects is their love of food. If you’re not careful, areas like your kitchen and pantry will keep drawing these pests into your house.

First, you need to make sure all of your food is kept in airtight containers that will keep the stink bugs out. Second, make sure that your garbage is properly sealed or the pests will get in there as well.

Finally, make sure your counters and floors are clean of crumbs and other food residues. Such messes may attract stink bugs or other pests such as cockroaches.

  1. Inspect the Boxes

We have covered most of the major ways that stink bugs make it into your home. However, they have one more trick that doesn’t involve your home. It involves your groceries!

When you bring boxes and bags into your home after shopping, you’re most likely trying to save a few extra trips out to your car. But if you’re not careful, you may be providing a taxi service to an infestation.

Check all of your items, boxes, and bags before you bring them into your home. If you can keep the critters from making it inside, you may never have to worry about removing them.

Get Rid of Stink Bugs: Professional Help

Now you know how to get rid of stink bugs. But do you know who to call if the problem gets out of hand?

At Elevate Pest Control, we know how to handle all of your commercial and residential pest control needs. To see how we put an end to your stink bug problem, request a quote today.

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