How To Recognize Signs Of Mice

Do you have mice in your house or are you just driving yourself nuts? You wouldn’t believe how many folks have asked us this question. They can’t be blamed, sometimes it can be difficult to tell. Even if you’re sure you have a mouse problem, how can you be sure it isn’t rats? Sometimes, folks mistake the sound of termites for mice and rats. They both enjoy chewing up your home. If you guess wrong, you may have just forked over your hard-earned money on a solution that has no chance of success. So in this article, we’ll discuss how you can tell if you have a mouse problem.

Know Your Enemy

Sure, they look cute with fuzzy faces and ears, but they aren’t cute. Mice can spread a variety of diseases and contaminate just about everything they come into contact with. They’re also big eaters. While they’re two main meals are at dusk and just before dawn, they can spend the time in between snacking on just about anything they want. They don’t have to watch their figures.

They also like to chew. This is partly to improve their dental situation (their teeth can be unruly if they don’t chew on hard substances like wood), but they also use their jaws to make those little mouse holes popularized on children’s cartoon shows.

Most mice are about one to two inches long (not counting their tails) and consume 10% – 15% of their own body weight in a day.

Signs Of Mice

One of the first things that you’re likely to notice is the sound. This is also how people drive themselves crazy. At night, when mice are active, they’ll go about chewing through your wood and drywall. Next, you’ll probably notice droppings in the dank corners of your home. Mice aren’t particular about where they go to the bathroom, so you can find droppings just about anywhere.

The key to determining whether or not you have a mouse problem is understanding the mouse’s routine. Unlike some other rodents, mice don’t like to stray far from their nest. If they’ve set up shop in your home, it’s only a matter of time before you find evidence of one, even if you don’t see one. 

Additionally, if there are mice getting into your cupboards, you will probably find cereal boxes that are being chewed on. Mice can also chew up your woodwork.

If you suspect that there are mice about (but you don’t have physical evidence to corroborate your suspicions, you can try an old trick. Leave flour on the floor of your kitchen or anywhere your store dry cereals. If you have mice, they’ll leave footprints. That’s as sure a sign as any.

I Think I Have Mice, Now What?

You’re probably right, but without analyzing their turds or seeing them in person, it’s still a possibility that you have a rat problem. Because rats are larger than mice, mouse traps will merely irritate them. You’ll need actual rat traps.

The best way to deal with this problem is to call in a professional pest control service so they can analyze the situation, make a determination as to what kind of rodent problem you have, and then eradicate the infestation properly.

It is imperative that you deal with it quickly. Mice and rats are not nice house guests. While they’re cute when they’re in a cage, they are much less cute when they are running around your home feral. They carry a number of serious diseases include the black plague and the risk to vulnerable people (such as the very old and the very young) is high. 

How Does Mouse Control Work?

Elevate Pest Control uses a number of techniques to reduce and eliminate mouse populations and remove active infestations from your home. Typically, we use some combination of baits and traps. Our methods are more efficient than home remedies or store-bought traps because we know how to effectively deploy them. If you have small children or pets around the house, we can deploy the baits safely to ensure they aren’t harmed along with the mice. We can also use traps to deal with mice if that’s what you’d prefer.

Schedule A Free Inspection With Our Mice Control Experts

If you think you have a current mouse infestation, the rodent exterminators at Elevate Pest Control provide free inspections. Don’t wait and don’t assume you know what you’re dealing with. Our pest experts have helped dozens of homeowners and commercial properties make their environments happier and healthier. Call us today to schedule your free inspection.

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