Donating Bed Bug Services

The holidays are a time for giving. At Elevate Pest Control, we believe this includes helping out family, friends, and neighbors who may be struggling. There are numerous people throughout our community who could use a helping hand and we hope you do what you can. For our part, one of the ways that we are giving back this season is by donating bed bug services to those in need. 

Helping A Single Mom Get Rid Of Her Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs are a common problem and are virtually impossible to get rid of on your own. We received a call recently from a woman in Logan who had found bed bugs in her home and desperately needed our help. 

Her son began appearing with bite marks a few months ago, which she originally attributed to mosquitoes coming in through an open window. As the temperatures dropped and the bites continued, she began to suspect the problem was something else. Using a flashlight, she inspected the mattress in her son’s room. Unfortunately, her worst suspicions were realized. She had a bed bug problem. 

As she explains in this YouTube video, she suspects they got into her home either through visitors or through a bag of clothes she purchased from a classified ad.  Unfortunately, bed bugs are hitchhikers by nature, so there are numerous ways they may have been brought in. They can attach themselves to your luggage when traveling and on items such as handbags when visiting other homes, or they can gain entry through packages you have delivered. Regardless of how she got them, she knew there was only one way to truly get rid of them. 

Rather than reaching for over-the-counter products, which are expensive, potentially dangerous, and largely ineffective, she contacted our bed bug specialists. However, after talking to the woman and hearing how she was a single mom who had faced numerous struggles over the past year, we realized that while our bed bug services are reasonably priced, paying these costs would still present a hardship. After hearing how miserable the situation was making her and her son (she was going through an entire tube of anti-itch cream each day), we offered to donate our services and treat her home for free. 

Signs Of A Bed Bug Problem In Your Home

Encountering a bed bug problem at any time of year is unpleasant, but it is especially so over the holidays. At a time you are most likely entertaining others, the last thing you want to think about is an infestation. Signs to watch out for include: 

  • Itching and bite marks on family members;
  • Tiny blood spots on sheets and pillowcases;
  • Small black dots in corners and crevices;
  • A musty smell, which comes from bed bug scent glands. 

Reach Out To Elevate Pest Control

Elevate Pest Control is a trusted provider of pest elimination services for residents in our community, including those who are in need. If you suspect a bed bug program, call or contact us online to schedule a free inspection today.  

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