Should I Clean My House After My Pest Control Treatments?

Many folks wonder about the residual effects of certain chemicals used to kill household pests in their homes. Are these substances toxic? Will they harm my pets and children? Do I need to clean up after the pest control technicians?

The answer is no. The right time to perform a thorough cleaning of your home is directly before the pest control technicians deploy their various strategies to resolve your pest control problem. Below, we’ll discuss how pest control works and why it’s safe not to clean up after it.

Insecticides and Pest Control

For obvious reasons, we don’t want people in the house while we’re setting off bug bombs, applying bed bug treatment, or otherwise using noxious chemicals. These chemicals are deployed wet and then dry over time. That’s why we recommend that no one should be in the house for several hours after the spray. That’s so that the pesticide has the time to dry. Once it’s dry, it cannot be absorbed into the skin easily and so it’s safe for you and your family.

On the other hand, overzealous homeowners who are afraid that the cure is worse than the disease may attempt to vacuum up residual pesticide to prevent something that won’t happen. The residual pesticides are often left behind to kill off insects that survived the initial spraying. They’re a necessary component to the pest control process and vacuuming them up makes the process less successful.

Clean Before A Pest Control Treatment

Several types of common household pests love dank, dark spaces and clutter. Rodents and insects are relatively small and prey animals for birds that rely on their eyesight for hunting. Thus these pests have developed an evolutionary paranoid for wide-open spaces. Cleaning prior to a full treatment is actually a great idea.

You want to limit clutter as much as possible, take cardboard boxes off of floors, and go through old boxes of clothing and either donate them or throw them out. You will also want to check areas under sinks or anywhere that water runs. Pests love moisture and they need it to survive. 

Lastly, you want to go through your cupboards, transfer all perishable items into plastic containers, and wipe down countertops, cabinets, and any areas where food dust might accrue.

Staying Safe Around Pesticides

When you hire a professional pest control expert, we will advise you on how much time you’ll need to be out of the house and when you can return. We also work around your schedule to minimize your inconvenience. The pest sprays employed to get rid of certain types of pests are dangerous until they dry. You, therefore, need to be sure that the pest spray is completely dry before allowing pets and children back into your home.

As far as baits go, they can be dangerous to pets, but Elevate Pest Control understands the dangers and can deploy bait stations safely and out of the way so they aren’t easily accessed by pets and children. Bait stations employ various types of poison to destroy nests and colonies. While these poisons aren’t as dangerous to humans as they are to household pests (we’re simply bigger) they can be dangerous if taken in large enough quantity.

As professional pest control experts, we minimize the risk to you are your family as we’re deploying our solutions. High-risk homes can opt for treatments that do not require dangerous bait stations. 

How Long After A Treatment Can I Clean Up?

This depends entirely on the type of treatment being performed. In some cases, the pest control tech will deploy two different types of pesticides. This is especially true for bed bugs which are notoriously difficult to get rid of.

Bed bug eggs are protected by an outer shell that renders them impervious to the pesticide. For that reason, pesticide treatments require both a spray and a dust treatment that kills the eggs as they hatch. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to vacuum this dust-up. 

For those who are concerned about the use of toxic chemicals in pest treatment, it may be possible to use a non-chemical solution. For instance, bed bug infestations can be eliminated by using whole-room heat treatments that don’t require residual pesticide to be left behind.

Talk To A Local Pest Control Specialist Today

Elevate Pest Control works with clients who have all different kinds of needs. These are clients who operate residential apartment complexes, homeowners, farmers, and commercial warehouse companies. If you’re concerned about chemical pesticides, we can offer pest prevention alternative solutions that you’d feel better about. Talk to us today for a free home inspection. 

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